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Area: Ionian Islands, Kefalonia
The premier diving club in Kefalonia

Kefalonia, Greece is one of the largest and greenest islands in the southern Ionian sea, famous for its many wonderful beaches, fine sand and calm, crystal clear waters ideal for scuba diving with underwater visibility exceeding 40 metres.

The islands characteristic giant rocks, great caves, reefs, walls, wrecks and rich underwater life provide numerous exciting dive sites for divers of all levels.

The premier scuba diving facility on Kefalonia Island Greece offers a full range of training courses and dive packages for qualified divers and complete beginners. Catering for both divers and their families ensures that clients return year after year to enjoy the professional, friendly atmosphere at Aquatic World.
Let one of our experienced Instructors or Divemasters show you the abundance of life and colour of the crystal clear Ionian Sea.

Aquatic World Diving Club
the first diving facility in Kefalonia was established in 1997. It is a PADI Resort and CMAS diving facility. All resident instructors are professionals with a vast experience in diving and instructing, and a commercial diving background. Aquatic World has strived to offer the highest quality service to thousands of divers. Our dedication to high safety, our hospitable, comfortable facilities, the friendly atmosphere and our highly qualified experienced staff has established us as the top diving facility in Kefalonia.

"Kataditiko" the latest addition to Aquatic World, a spacious 18 metre on purpose built dive boat. It is licensed to carry 48 passengers, has a platform for easy diver entry/exit, comfortable internal lounge with refreshment bar and a shaded kiting up deck area. Equipped with a Bauer compressor, tanks and complete dive sets for 20 divers. All necessary safety equipment including first aid, oxygen, VHF, DSC and GPS. "Kataditiko" offers daily trips for divers, non divers, snorkellers offering unforgettable moments to your vacation. It is an independent diving club and with our three stations ( Argostoli port, Skala and Agia Efimia) can offer you a flexible itinerary. "Kataditiko" can be chartered for tailor-made itineraries kataditiko dive boat.

Rigid inflatable boats enable us to transport divers and spectators on single dive excursions. All neccessary safety equipment including first aid, oxygen, VHF and GPS. All our diving equipment is new and maintained to the highest standards.
divers on diving rib boat before a dive

Aquatic World can offer you both Air and Nitrox fills of the highest quality. We have a state-of-the-art Bauer electric-motor compressors with a SECURUS monitoring system to ensure that only the purest air is produced.

10, 12 and 15 litres steel or aliminium tanks available.

Introdoctory dive
For people who have never experienced diving before, try Aquatic World's Introductory Dive. This course consists of three parts. First, we conduct a short lecture in the classroom, discussing the equipment, diving skills and how to dive safely. Second, we build your confidence through a practice skills session in shallow water. Finally, we take our new divers on a dive over a reef to explore the amazing corals, sponges and the abundance of sea life and fish.
introductory divers on the surface after a dive diver feeding many fish diver with alot of fish introductory divers Introductory divers are always accompanied by a certified instructor who will remain close by at all times. Our guides are patient and have the qualities you need to ensure that your first diving experience is safe, relaxed and fun.

Qualified dives
Get away from the crowds dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy the amazing scenery of drop-offs, caverns, wrecks and swim throughs. Explore the island's reefs in waters with visibility of 30 to 40 meters, experience the abundance of colourful marine life.

Rock formations give shelter to octopuses, moray eels and big shells. On the rocks scorpion fish, starfish, nudibranch and tube worms are easy to see while clams and shells lay along the sandy bottom. Caverns, canyons and swim throughs are covered with colourful sponges, corals and small holes which give home to crabs and lobsters.

wall dive
Schools of small colourful fish swim around the rocks while tunas, barracudas, groupers and turtles make their appearance often from the deep.

All dive sites along the island's coastline are accessed by boat. During the dive each instructor leads up to 6 divers while most dives are multilevel in order for you to see and enjoy as much as possible. All dives end with a safety stop. Average dive time is 45 minutes.


Aquatic World Diving Club The premier diving club in Kefalonia
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