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Fine olives

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FINEOLIVES is a family business specializing in the processing and packaging of olives. The founders of the company, Angelos Kamariotis and Nikolas Kamariotis have years of experience in the field. Their experience with, knowledge about and love for this product have identified them and the company as unique specialists in the processing and packaging of table olives.

The founders and their employees, strive in close cooperation with carefully selected olive producers throughout Greece in their goal to offer olives of exceptional Greek quality.

The goal of Fineolives is to produce natural olives, in the Greek traditional way. They pride themselves on their ability to capture the full flavor of each olive, using natural and traditional methods.

Olive types :

Green Olives

Green olives are gathered from late September until mid- November in Halkidiki, Greece. The olive is cut off early and with the proper processing it is ready to be eaten shortly after it's gathered. It is a crunchy olive and it has a light bitter and salty taste to it. It goes well with whisky and Greek ouzo.


Black Natural Olives

Black olives are gathered from the trees from mid November till mid- January. The olive is mature when picked from the tree. There are different names for the black olive depending on which region the olive is from. The black olive is round, shiny and not as crunchy as the olives from Halkidiki. They have a sweet/ $sour taste to them when they are first taken out of the salt water solution and with time they become mildly salty.


Kalamon Olives

Kalamon olives are grown in the prefectures of Magnisia and Lakonia and in the greater reagion of Agrinio. The olive is gathered from November to late December. With the proper process (slicing, salt water and vinegar), they have a very strong taste, which is known throughout the world.


Halkidiki Shriveled Olives

Shriveled olives are gathered in their mature stage from the trees in Halkidiki and are layered in between salt. The olives are ready about 60 days after they are put in the salt, barreled, then packaged in a vacuum bag to keep its taste.


Halkidiki Barreled Olives

Barreled olives are a special product that comes from olives in Halkidiki. The olive is gathered mature from the tree and is put in a barrel with thick salt to rid of its bitter taste. It's the specialty of our factory and it has an unsalted taste to it.


Thasou Shriveled Olives

Thasou shriveled olives are grown on trees on the beautiful island of Thasos. They have a bitter taste and thus are put in salt to produce a very sweet olive.


Marinated Olives

Kalamon, Green and Black olives are marinated in different herbs, vegetables and fruits and are then put in olive oil. The final product has a very distinct taste to it, bringing a new dimension to the product.

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