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ALUMIL S.A. is the biggest aluminium extrusion group in Greece and among the leading
suppliers of aluminium systems for architectural use in Europe. With twenty-five subsidiaries, the company firmly remains a leader outside
the Hellenic area, in the countries of Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria, covering, with its products 45 countries in 4 continents. .

ALUMIL Worldwide

ALUMIL strengthened its worldwide presence in the aluminium industry after expansion of its industrial/stocking warehouses, the installation of new powder-coating factories and the production of thermal-brake systems via subsidiary companies.

The Group developed an international sales network in more than 45 countries and aims to expand it by establishing more subsidiary companies with productive and commercial activities. In most of the countries that ALUMIL already operates, the production lines/warehouses are privately-owned (Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, etc.). In some countries it leases warehouses (Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, FYROM, Cyprus, Turkey, etc.). Today in South-Eastern Europe ALUMIL has the biggest retail network with 70 privately-owned factories/warehouses. ALUMIL has an autonomous commercial presence in more than 25 countries with particularly impressive results: It is among the market leaders in the architectural aluminium systems in Romania, Serbia, Albania, Cyprus, Bosnia, Hungary, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Baltic countries, Russia, Dubai, etc)

Promotes its products in countries with long experience in the production of aluminium systems such as Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, etc). In countries such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland ALUMIL products are used by large industrial companies, with high quality standards, in the automobile, ship-building and railways industries. In collaboration with more than 500 large technical companies and prestigious architectural offices, ALUMIL has accomplished projects as: The Ministry of Finance in Poland, the German University in Egypt, the railway station in Kiev (Ukraine), hotel Kempinski in Tanzania, hotel Kempinski in Dead Sea (Jordan), the Zara center in Amman (Jordan), the museum of Akropolis in Athens, the Rixos hotel in Turkey (the second 7-stars hotel in the world), etc.

ALUMIL has a long experience in the demanding market of North America and in emerging markets of Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. The Group presents its aluminium systems in showrooms around the globe. There showrooms are located in New York, London, Athens, Istanbul, Nicosia, Frankfurt, etc. It allocates a high experienced team of 100 engineers for technical support in 45 different countries

Production lines

In markets where there is an increased demand of aluminium products, ALUMIL creates profile production units/lines for the best and fast service of its clients. ALUMIL’s goal is the creation of autonomous units (press, powder-coating, foundry) in countries that the demand is sufficient and can be absorbed.

This strategy resulted from 2000 till today to the construction (or repurchase) of factories/production lines in many countries:

  • Production line and powder coating factory in Albania
  • Production line and powder coating factory in Bosnia
  • Production line and powder coating factory in Serbia
  • Powder coating factories of thermal-brake systems in Bulgaria and Romania

Projects and Engineering Support

ALUMIL is placing great emphasis in the cooperation with engineers.Therefore ALUMIL’s Integrated Projects department, has as target:

Consulting the research department of engineering offices, technical companies and technical public or private services, about the products and the solutions that ALUMIL can offer:

  • Presentation and promotion of new products
  • Delivery of informative catalogues in print or CD form
  • Technical support for prescriptions of Aluminium Systems
  • Drafting plans for the construction of Curtain Walls and Skylights
  • Propose Aluminium Fabricators for submitting biddings
  • Drawing schedule agreements and operation contracts
  • Giving presentations to groups of Engineers
  • The cooperation between Aluminium Fabricators in integrated Projects:
  • Delivery of informative catalogues in print or CD form
  • Referral towards engineering companies and architect offices in order to submit their offer
  • Technical support for calculating and pre-studying Curtain Walls and Atrium

Also the Integrated Projects & Customer Service department, support cooperating engineers:

  • Detail plans, for every possible construction that can be built with ALUMIL Systems
  • Pre-calculation in reference to offer quantities
  • At consultation level, with Pre Sales Service
  • Electronically or via direct mail and through the portal of the company
  • Integrated Projects in co - operation with Customer Service department can serve engineers all over the world. This can be achieved by telephone or by attending the seminars, which are organized in different cities. The consultants of the departments visit personally engineering offices after appointment.

The headquarters of the Integrated Projects department is in Athens and Customer Service in  Kilkis. There are also offices in Thessaloniki and there are also consultants who cover all the regions where ALUMIL systems are available.


Architectural Systems are ALUMIL's dominating product group. They are designed for every architectural application, such as doors, windows, facades (Curtain walls), atriums, mullions of offices e.t.c, and cover all needs. ALUMIL allocates 48 different architectural aluminium systems for every application, need and demand, as well as 18 special applications. ALUMIL's aluminium systems are distinguished for constructional perfection, modern planning, and endurance, while they offer high aesthetics and functionality. Also, compatibility allows various combinations. According to specifications of internationally recognized organisms emphasis has been given on iquality guarantee of final products, product certifications and production process. ALUMIL's R&D department designs, studies and evolves many new products. Afterwards these products are sent to international institutes in order to be control and certify them (e.g. IFT Rosenheim). Aluminium systems of ALUMIL are choices for life, with low level needs for maintenance, while in case of frames replacement they are completely recyclable, thus acting in the protection of the environment.

  • Opening Systems
  • Sliding Systems
  • Special Applications
  • Curtain Walls
  • Automation
  • Doors – Internal & Safety
  • Composite Aluminium Panels
  • Industrial Applications
  • Automatic Lift Doors

Alumil Building exellence every day
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