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ALEXANDER is a modern, private, Greek industry which since its foundation, 30 years ago, and till 2005, produced only canned fruits and commercialized its production exporting all over the world.

ALEXANDER's modern plant is situated at R.R. Station of Veria in the prefecture of Imathia. The small canning industry in 70's has grown to be an evolved, modern industrial unit and has achieved through a successful upwards to obtain an international customer group as well as remarkable partners.

Since 2006, ALEXANDER branched out into the production of heat treated goods (HTST) in aseptic package such as concentrated peach and apple puree, with the prospect of expansion into other fruits. For that reason an ultramodern plant of puree production, aseptically treated has been installed. This method consist a revolutionary innovation in the field of food technology, mainly in the field of liquid and fluid food products with high bostwick as it offers products of high quality, regarding the appearance, the taste and their nutritional value as well. It is a fully automatic method with a control feature through all the productions steps, having as result products of optimal quality.

Today, more than ever, ALEXANDER continues to create, to develop its know-how and to grow at a runaway pace. Everything follows the same philosophy, pointing at the production of top quality products. In order to achieve this target ALEXANDER:


Applies a strictly selection and a rigorous control of the raw material which is being used to the production.

Uses a modern technology through all the production steps.

Applies a control and quality assurance system from the selection of the raw material to the distribution of the final product to the consumer.

ALEXANDER has developed a management system for hygiene and safety of foods (HACCP) through all the levels of the production, which proves an almost absolute distribution control of healthy and safe products to the final consumer.


A precious capital for ALEXANDER is its staff. The company employs more than 20 people as a permanent staff of various specialties, while during summer it employs almost 400 people.
The active participation to national professional associations, as well as its presence to international fairs show its interest regarding the application of an environmental policy, a constant updating about the market demands, as well as a development of stable relationships both in our country and abroad too.

With allies, as the constant modernization of the production line, our executives multiple year experience, in conjunction with our vision, the assurance of the highest standards of our products, ALEXANDER faces the future with optimism and responsibility


ALEXANDER's activities could be summed up as follows:

a) Production and trading of canned peaches, Standard, Good Standard και Choice quality, of various cuts (Cups, Slices and Dices) and in various package sizes (1kg,A9, A10, A12).

b) Production and trading of Fruit Cocktail with 4 και 5 fruits in package of 1kg and Α10, Good Standard and Choice quality.

c) Production and trading of canned apricots, peeled or not- peeled, Cups cut, Good Standard and Choice quality, in various package sizes (1kg, A10, A9, A12).

d) Production and trading of concentrated peach puree 30 - 32 Brix, aseptically heat treated HTST, into aseptic package of drums of 220 lt (235 kg net weight).

e) Production and trading of concentrated apple puree 30 - 32 Brix, aseptically heat treated HTST, into aseptic package of drums of 220 lt (235 kg net weight).

f) Production and trading of Single Strength apple puree 11 - 13 Brix, aseptically heat treated HTST, into aseptic package of drums of 220 lt (220 kg net weight).


ALEXANDER pays particularly attention to the territorial organization of the production plant, because on the one hand there should be an easy access to this area and on the other hand there is a need for an easy and completely functional production line, but also its organization should be in this way in order to obstruct the cross-contamination.

The settlement of the working area according the ergonomics rules, so that the necessary personnel movements inside the working area are reduced, was the pertinent way to handle this situation.

A rationally planned use of the equipment constitutes a determinant factor in order to assure an effective function of the plant, especially when the weather conditions, the temperature, the humidity as well as hygiene questions affect the products safety and quality.


The main target of the company is the continuous upgrading of their performances. In order to achieve this target which contributes to a further development, the company has defined supplementary targets, expressed through a business planning, such as:

Current and predicted needs of the company, taking into account of the markets situation to which it appeals (marketing and sales policy)

Factual information in the improvement possibilities of the production plant and of the production range (operational planning products/services development framework)
The company's management policy consists in the simplification of the procedures, the consistency, the hard work and a real interest in the customers satisfaction, pointing to a high quality level of its products, as it believes that the business relationships between ALEXANDER and its customers should be conditioned by confidence, respect and sincerity in order to be satisfied all the customers needs.



Alexander controls the results of the production activities through certain goals defined by specific environmental targets in our pollution control management plan.

In order to achieve the above targets Alexander has developed certain programs so that would be easy to control and influence the environmental impacts that start from its productive activities.

Alexander, applies the depollution of the contaminated waters, solid waste etc, with certain biotechnological and chemical procedures in a number of levels and thus to achieve the reuse.




Canned Peaches

Canned Peaches
Packsize: 1/2kg (14oz), 1kg (29oz), A9, A10, A12
Cut: Halves, Slices, Dices, Slivers
Qualities: Choice and Standard
Media: Light or heavy syrup, water pack, in natural pear or apple juice
Factories: Veria

Shelf-life: 4 years


Canned Apricots

Packsize: 1/2kg (14oz), 1kg (29oz), A9, A10, A12
Cut: Halves, Dices
Qualities: Choice and Standard
Media: Light or heavy syrup
Factories: Veria
Shelf-life: 4 years

Canned Fruit Coctail

Packsize: 1/2kg (14oz), 1kg (29oz), A9, A10
Ingredients: Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Grapes, Cherries
Qualities: Choice and Standard
Media: Light or heavy syrup, in natural pear or apple juice
Factories: Veria
Shelf-life: 4 years

Canned Fruit Mix

Packsize: 1kg (29oz), A9, A10
Ingredients: Peaches, Pears, Grapes
Qualities: Choice and Standard
Media: Light or heavy syrup, natural pear or apple juice
Factories: Veria
Shelf-life: 4 years

Peach Puree

specifications: 30 - 32 οBRIX
ingredient statement: Concentrated Peach Puree obtained from fresh peaches, totally clean, mature and healthy. Free of molds, insect and diseases. Vitamin C is containing
BRIX (Refractometer 20 oC): 30 - 32
Acidity (As % Anhydrous Citric Acid at pH = 8,1): 0,7 - 1,7
Ascorbic acid: Max 700 ppm
pH: 3,6 - 4,2
Bostwick (cm/30 sec at 12 oBrix and 20 oC): 9 - 14
Color (Hunter L): Min 48
Flavor and Taste: Characteristic of peaches
Taste : Pleasant � Natural
Use : Unfinished product used in the juice industry and the in the infant food industry
Consumers: All the consumers
Production � packaging Method: Aseptic
Microbiological characteristics
Total Plate Count: Not be detected
Yeast: Not be detected
Mold: Not be detected
Coli forms: Not be detected
Patulin: ---------
Other characteristics
packaging format : In 220-liter aseptic bag in steel drum (about 235 kg net weight per drum)
storage condition: Storage at ambient conditions 25 οC and under refrigerate conditions + 5 οC, in clean and dry area
shelf life: 18 months when stored at ambient conditions (25 oC) and 25 months when stored under refrigerate conditions (+ 5 oC)
GMO: free
Allergenic substances: Not contained

Apple Puree


The satisfaction degree of a specific need or demand of its customers, taking into account the market's trends as well as the regulation and the decrees instituted by the Greek and the International Law and the social institutions represents for ALEXANDER the meaning of the word quality.

It is known that there is no possibility to take a good quality product, if there is no good quality raw material. Taking into consideration this fact, the company picks out fruits which are the raw material used, from strictly selected fruit producers' cooperatives which fulfill all the conditions of the Integrated Plant Production Management System.

Regarding food processing, there is a slim line between safe and nutritional product. A general rule is that as much more a product is stable, its nutritional value is poor. The quality of the ALEXANDER products proves that every rule has an exception, because the new production and processing technologies are considered by the management team as a very important issue. ALEXANDER invests in a modern equipment and in a continuous professional development of the personnel, in order to assure that its products arrive to the final consumer stable, as well as maintaining their nutritional value.

ALEXANDER's management, pointing up to a continuous improvement of the product quality and assuring the observance of safety and hygiene rules, has installed and applied a quality management system according the international standards. First of all the Company was awarded with the System Compliance and Quality Assurance Certificate, according to the ISO 9002:1994 model. Then ALEXANDER upgraded the System Compliance and Quality Assurance Certificate, according to the ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001:2000 model. Following the international legislation directives regarding the production of safe and secure foods, the company developed and applied the HACCP system, as a possible risks regular analysis and assessment method during the productive process, visualizing preventive actions and avoidance risk.

During last years, ALEXANDER's productive procedure was also awarded with an IFS standard -Version 4, performing the highest level of compliance through the TUV North Cert inspection.

ALEXANDER's activities relate to quality which is synonymous with its trademark. The quality is consistent with Alexander.

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