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Area: Attica, Attica, Kallithea
Be Liberated

AirSea Lines offers sightseeing, charter and sheduled services with Island Hopping capabilities in the Ionian region.

About AirSea Lines

In September of 2004 for the first time in nearly 70 years AirSea Lines Limited (“ASLI”), through its Greek subsidiaries ASL GR and Pegasus established ownership of the first commercial seaplane operation in Greece.

AirSea Lines came to fill in the inadequacies of the current transportation system by offering seaplanes as an alternative mode of transport. Under its commercial brand Pegasus Aviation and partly owned by Harbour Air in Canada, AirSea Lines started flying tourists and residents from Corfu to Paxos with two aircraft (Twin Otters), giving an end to the uncomfortable and long slow ferry journeys that take the gloss off island-hopping holidays in Greece, while offering a quick, affordable, safe and exciting alternative.

After a year of successful operations with a proven quality service and happy passengers, our company expanded with scheduled flights from Corfu to Paxos, Lefkada, Patra, and Ithaki. In addition, the first ever direct seaplane route from Corfu to Brindisi giving residents and tourists of both Greece and Italy a wider choice of places to explore and an easy solution to hopping around this stunning region (check schedule for destinations mentioned above). AirSea Lines is a Greek owned company, which is supported with the knowledge and expertise that has been developed with Harbour Air of Canada, the largest seaplane operator in the world.

Ionian destinations will include the islands of Corfu, Paxos, Ithaki, Lefkas as well as Patra and the Italian port city of Brindisi.

Schedules to Ionian destinations are presently posted on our website and are available for booking.

Schedules to Aegean destinations will be available in time.

Book your flights early, seats are limited.

Tickets can be booked here or by calling our call center at 801-11-800-600 (for domestic use) and/or +30-210-9402012. Travel experts and Tour Operators can contact AirSea Lines’ sales department at +30 210 940 2880.


AirSea Lines Call Centre: 801-11-800-600 (domestic use), (+30)-210-9402012

18, Possidonos Ave., 1st floor
[Junction of Possidonos Ave. and Epaminonda str.,
(Lamprou Katsoni str, Amphitheas Ave.)]
176 74 Kallithea, Attica, Greece
Tel: (+30) 210-9402880
Fax: (+30) 210-9402780

Airsea Lines Office, Lavrio Base
Lavrio Port,
19500, Lavrio, Attica, Greece
Tel: (+30) 22920-28190
Fax: (+30) 22920-28160

Airsea Lines Office, Corfu Base
Marina Gouvia,
49100, Corfu, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26610-99316
Fax: (+30) 26610-99317

Airsea Lines Office, Corfu Base
Town of Corfu, New Port,
7, Spyrou Gardikioti Str.
49100, Corfu, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26610-33114
Fax: (+30) 26610-33140
Airsea Lines Office, Corfu Base
Corfu Airport "Ioannis Kapodistrias",
49100, Corfu, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26610-42744
Fax: (+30) 26610-42744
Airsea Lines Office, Patra Base
Marina Patra [close to Lagios]
26441, Patra, Achaia, Greece
Tel: (+30) 2610-224655
Fax: (+30) 2610-224549

Airsea Lines Office, Paxos Base
Paxos Port,
49082, Paxos Island, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26620-32700
Fax: (+30) 26620-32401

Airsea Lines Office, Ioannina Base
Perama Port,
45500, Perama,
Ioannina, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26510-81555
Fax: (+30) 26510-81535

Airsea Lines Office, Ithaki Base
Vathy Marina,
28300, Ithaki, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26740-33720
Fax: (+30) 26740-33721

Airsea Lines Office, Lefkas Base
Lefkas Marina,
31100, Lefkas, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26450-22360
Fax: (+30) 26450-22358
Airsea Lines Office, Kefallonia Base
Kefallonia Airport,
28100, Kefallonia, Greece
Tel: (+30) 26710-22535

Airsea Lines Office, Ios Base
Ios Port,
84001, Ios, Greece
Tel: (+30) 22860 91503
Fax: (+30) 22860 92304

AirSea Lines International, Canada Limited
#270-1575 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6G 2V3
Tel: (+1) 604-669-0894
Fax: (+1) 604-669-0827
ELLADE VIAGGI, AirSea Lines Partner in Italy
Via Del Porto, 73028, Otranto, Italy
Tel: (+39)-0836801578
Fax: (+39)-0836802746



AirSea Lines S.A. Be Liberated
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