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Lesvos or Mytilene

Whatever you may say about this place, it is certain that the city will make you feel something very pure, very deep and secret, simple and tangible. A feeling that you cannot describe it, but you can feel and taste it.

In this city, of tradition, of poetry, of culture, we created an electronic shop. Our main purpose is to save and spread all over the world the unmeasured tastes of oil, ouzo.

Lesvos is one of the most known islands in traditional product growth. Lesvos ground produces the blessed olives, which are processed and become the virgin olive oil. From the milk is been produced yogurt and traditional cheese.

Sweets, drinks and spirits, especially ouzo, liqueurs are produced all over the island. And this is only the beginning.

Lesvos has to shown a great number of writers, poets, artists and creators. Cultural associations, women cooperation's that make a lot of homemade products, using the best ingredients and a lot of craft and love for the island.
The truth is that there are only a few people that are aware of all the previous.

This is the point that our action starts. We created an On Line Shop which has gathered all the goods of the island. This love and faith about our products, we would like to share with all the Greek people, all over the world. Of course this shop is not only for the Greek people. Is a shop for all the admires of the Greek traditional products.

Taste them too and meet the mystery of the Greek spirit and tastes. Learn about tradition and cultural legacy of our place.

In Mytilini town tradition, poetry and culinary delicacies, we created an online store and the Aegean Shop (Grocery Aegean). The purpose of our effort is to save, but at the same time and spread to all friends and fellow forgotten the noble and varied flavors of lesbian products particularly oil and ouzo. The island is a real paradise of production of traditional products and flavors with traditionary reverence I saved the people of today. The earth produces in abundance the blessed fruit of the olive, which is collected from olive cooperatives on the island and standards at the mills and processing with sophisticated methods altered to excellent virgin olive oil. Olive oil is unique for its quality, taste, aroma and nutritive value of having therapeutic properties.


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Aegean Shop
Α. Γιαναρέλλη 52
Μυτιλήνη - Λέσβος
Τ.Κ. 81100


Aegian Shop
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