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he purity of our products is guaranteed.

The flavoured oils Acrogaea are reborn through recipes, coming from time immemorial. Bottled by hand one by one. They have all been tested and approved by our people and independent connoisseurs before deciding what varieties will be marketed.


Mediterranean diet is a term invented by physiologist Ancel Keys to describe the model diet, which the peoples of the Mediterranean countries follow and which were included in the Seven Countries Study.* At the International Conference on Mediterranean Diets in 1993 it was decided what would be deemed healthy, traditional Mediterranean diet, and in 1995 a team of scientists at Harvard University created the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid.**


Going through Greek eating habits, over the centuries, we observe the constant power of the Mediterranean diet, its enrichment but also the initiation of other people into it.
Dieticians and doctors throughout the world support and recommend the Mediterranean diet for good health and longevity.


Inspired by the fact that the traditional Greek diet and thus the Greek products have contributed greatly to the formation of the Mediterranean diet and combining this with, our nostalgia for pure natural flavours, our desire to raise our children with the same pure tastes as well as our restless spirit that wants the world to taste and benefit from our fine Hellenic earth, we came together and created ACROGAEA.


We selected the finest and best known Greek products. We discovered the best traditional producers for each product. We tasted them, and loved them because they took us back to the aromas and flavours of our childhood. We put into production (mostly handmade), our personal favourites, and thus created the ‘Acrogaea’ line.
A line, that follows strict rules all along the production process, to ensure the highest quality. A range of products, the consumer will trust with their eyes closed. A series of products the consumer will love, either because it reminds them of their youth or because it suggests the purity of flavour, without additives or preservatives.


  • Our vision ... the borderless journey of pure Greek taste
  • Our guide ... mother earth, the authenticity of the Greek fruit
  • Our responsibility ... the 'excellence' in quality
  • Our goal ... the appreciation of Greek products and worldwide recognition of their unique nature

The purity of our products is guaranteed.
* Seven countries study: survey began in early 1950 and lasted 30 years, studying the eating habits of seven countries (Yugoslavia, Greece, USA, Japan, Italy, Netherlands and Finland).
** Mediterranean Diet Pyramid: Research findings suggest that the adoption of dietary guidelines based on the Mediterranean diet pyramid has the effect of reducing the risk of diseases related to diet (such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.)

What you should know:

The flavoured oils Acrogaea are reborn through recipes, coming from time immemorial. Bottled by hand one by one. They have all been tested and approved by our people and independent connoisseurs before deciding what varieties will be marketed.

  • Acrogaea Olive oils are collected from producers within the Messinian region. A region famous for its Koroneiki olive variety, a variety that gives perhaps the best Greek olive oil. The taste of our olive oil is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding customers.
  • Acrogaea olives are carved by hand, either by local farmers, or by our own people. The flavours vary and are distinguished by their respective areas of collection.
  • Acrogaea vinegars are made only from pure Greek wine of excellent quality, with the oldest vinegar making recipe.
  • Acrogaea ouzo, tsipouro and rakomelo are specially made for us by the oldest Greek distillery (since 1850) and are based on very old recipes.
  • Our honeys are pure, clean, free from contaminants or mixtures of different honeys. Our producers’ beehives travel throughout Greece. The flavours (orange, thyme and pine tree) result from the vegetation of the area where the bees have been fed and not by adding aromatic substances.
  • Our jams are created in our workshop by our granny’s recipes. We do not add thickeners or preservatives for any reason. Only pure, fresh fruit, sugar and a little lemon juice, can be found in our jams. Only seasonal fruits are used to produce the jams, thus they may not be available throughout the year.

All herbs used in creating our products, are supplied by organic farming Greek producers, or collected from the wild.
Acrogaea products are placed at selected shops throughout Greece and abroad.
All products are available individually and in compositions in a gift box.

For wholesale prices please contact us. We will be happy to assist.


Acrogaea selected hellenic products he purity of our products is guaranteed.
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