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AB puts its signature on a wide range of Private Label products

AB is active in the field of food retailing and is the second largest supermarket chain in Greece.


Our vision

  • Together, we deliver the best of Delhaize for life.
  • Together, we aspire to enrich the lives of our customers, associates, and the communities
    we serve in a sustainable way.
  • Together, we offer assortments, products and services that are nutritious, healthy and safe,
    everyday, at prices all customers can afford.
  • We are connected with our colleagues across the Group.
  • We learn, we grow talent and we innovate.
  • We support, we respect and we inspire each other.


Our values

  • Our way of doing things
  • We share a common set of values that make us stronger as a team and as individuals.
  • These values are the foundation of our behavior; they give
    clear guidance on what is expected from everyone across the Group.
  • They are key to our success.



AB franchise

The expanding network of retail food store franchises.

AB has launched the dynamic development of a nationwide network of retail food stores in Greece through franchising. Through this activity the company aims to expand the network under the AB trademark embarking on selected partnerships both in provincial cities and small towns, and in touristic areas of Greece.

AB, backed by its strong name, its over 70 years of successful presence on the Greek market, its in-depth expertise, excellent organisation, significant infrastructure and the partnerships it has developed with suppliers in Greece and abroad, shines forth as the perfect choice for collaboration, not only for existing operators in the sector, but also for new investors.

Franchising with AB, operators can deal with the changing conditions of the market and achieve their aims through a constant flow of support, which starts from the first stages of establishment or transformation of the store and continues to develop throughout the whole duration of its operation.

A basic principle of AB is collaboration with highly capable professionals, offering equal participation and opportunities, which is why the company treats also its franchisees like partners, and not like mere investors.

AB’s franchising proposal is based on the operation of two new flexible store formats, which are closer to the pace, place and way of life and needs of the customers, and bear the well-known, characteristic AB trademark so that consumers can immediately make the connection and recognise the values behind the name.

Basically, AB franchise partners invest in:

  • A well-established and renowned name, synonymous with quality, variety and reliability
  • The safety and strength of a branded, prestigious and recognized network
  • The opportunity to participate in a well-established and recognized chain with a strong name, well-developed organizational structure, strong dynamic growth and many years of experience
  • Daily, essential support at all levels of operation (training, supply, variety, merchandising, commercial policy, competitive pricing, sales promotion and day-to-day operation)
  • The company’s proven expertise in the Greek Super Market sector
  • The undisputed quality of AB products.

Lastly, attention should be drawn to the importance, place and dynamics of the franchising network within the AB group. AB’s franchise store network fits in organically with the other types of stores in the Group and plays a strategic role in the continued development and consolidation of the chain.

For more information contact Mr. Dimitris Papachrisanthou, Franchise Sales Manager at Tel.: (+) 30 210-6608000 Fax (+) 30 210-6608520.

ΑΒ Shop & Go

The nearby, neighbourhood, friendly, familiar - yet branded store in central shopping areas of small urban centres, which aims to cover consumers’ everyday needs and any impulse buys. 200 sq. m. – 350 sq. m. (sales’ area).


AB Food Market

The branded store in small urban or semi-urban areas, or touristic centres, friendly, familiar but also state-of-the-art, which aims to cover consumers’ main weekly shopping needs as well as their everyday needs and any impulse buys. 350 sq. m. - 700 sq. m. (sales’ area)

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AB Supermarkets AB puts its signature on a wide range of Private Label products
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