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The awarded “1800” Restaurant in Oia, Santorini Greece is housed in a restored mansion built around 1845. It is a typical Santorinian captain’s house, reflecting the glory of a long gone era.

The awarded “1800” Restaurant in Oia, Santorini Greece is housed in a restored mansion built around 1845. It is a typical Santorinian captain’s house, reflecting the glory of a long gone era.

The artistic restoration of the “1800” Restaurant in Oia included classic conservation and preservation techniques. The result is rather sophisticated maintaining the ambience of the past through the original colors and the unique furnishing, which have been preserved giving out a sense of warmth. The moment you step in the entrance of the mansion you can even admire the captain’s wooden travel chest, with his name “Ioannis Sarris - 1849” carved onto it, which is similar to the ones used by sailors of that era on their journeys.

The restaurant masters in providing contemporary comforts, both indoors and outdoors on the roof garden, ideal for intimate dinners and vibrant feasts with friends alike. And if we take into account the majestic views of the deep blue sea surrounding the volcanic island spreading before you, the “1800” Restaurant in Santorini is the classy, yet relaxing setting you are seeking for your summer dining.

As for the service, the “1800” Restaurant takes pride in its swift, friendly staff always eager to do only the best for their guests and in combination with our chef’s great gastronomic suggestions, it is no wonder why “1800” Restaurant in Oia is ranked among the most outstanding Santorini restaurants.

At the “1800” Restaurant in Oia (Ia) Santorini we will be glad to welcome you daily from April to October. Operating hours: 20:00 - 01:00.

Oia (Ia), Santorini Island, Greece
Oia, high up on a cliff on the northern tip of Santorini, provides sublime views of the Caldera and the Aegean Sea. The picturesque settlement, with traditional “cave” houses, quaint alleyways and adored architecture is a piece of paradise.

Santorini Island is one of the most popular and cosmopolitan resorts that offers a combination of features to is visitors: dramatic natural beauty, outstanding archaeological sites, dazzling beaches, crystal clear waters, shimmering colors and the unparalleled sunset that will captivate your mind forever.


This luxury mansion was built around 1845 and is somehow interwoven with the history of Oia. At that time Oia, homeland of several shipowners, was flourishing and was developing into the largest commercial port in the Cycladic cluster. The building is a typical Santorinian captain’s house and was inhabited by Captain I. Sarris and his family. It experienced glorious days until 1956, when it was deserted because of an earthquake.

In 1986, the architect-renovator Ioannis Zaggelidis undertook the restoration and renovation of the mansion. When he became acquainted with the style and the unique features of the building, he came up with the idea of converting the mansion into a new, Greek restaurant in Oia, Santorini Greece, which he named “1800”. He is now the proud owner and host of the restaurant.

The tour of the mansion begins from the two living rooms, where distinctive cross vaults can be seen. Most of its original features, such as its colors and its impressive furniture, have been preserved during the renovation: antique Santorinian sofas made of walnut wood, a mirror with a golden-plaster motif, carved curtain rails, a Venetian bed with a hand-painted baldachin and engravings the captain brought from Russia. In the entrance of the mansion you can see the captain’s wooden travel chest, bearing his name “Ioannis Sarris - 1849” carved onto it, reminiscent of the ones sailors used to take on their journeys.

Today, the “1800” Restaurant in Oia (Ia) Santorini is a “living” museum, taking you on a trip back to the past, while offering up-to-date features and comforts, as well as an incomparable panorama of the Santorini Caldera, making it one of the most beloved restaurants in Santorini.


At the “1800” Restaurant -awarded with two “Golden Chef's Hat” best restaurant awards in 2005 and 2007- you will relish creative traditional Greek dishes with Mediterranean inflections making even the most demanding palate yield to the temptation of the chef’s distinctive creations full of color, brilliance and imagination.

The “1800” Restaurant is considered one of the most ingenious restaurants in Oia (Ia) Santorini, as our talented chef smartly applies his high aesthetics and skills on supreme traditional products of Santorini, Greece and the Mediterranean countries coming up with the most scrumptious dishes you have ever tasted. From the starters to the salads, the main courses and the desserts, best quality ingredients are used that treat you to a unique culinary experience.

The dishes are presented in an asymmetrical fashion, every plate resembling a canvas, painted by the chef, who mixes colourful ingredients to create numerous different flavors.

The tables are adorned with sugar-white tablecloths, china and crystal glowing under the candlelight. The fine aroma of the exquisite Greek and international dishes harmoniously blends with the smell of the island breeze, making your dinner an unforgettable experience in one of the best restaurants in Santorini Greece.

The “1800” is nowadays a leading Oia, Santorini restaurant and has been receiving the best reviews by food connoisseurs of both Greek and foreign magazines, beckoning you to make it your number one dining option.


The owner of the restaurant is a member of the International “Slow Food” committee and has attended the “Sommelier” Wine Tasting course in Rome. With his extensive knowledge, he has created an extremely rich wine cellar.

The premium Santorini wines and other quality Greek labels on the wine list are all distinctive and their wonderful aroma and taste highlight even more the delectable dishes. The restaurant is proud of having been awarded for its outstanding Greek wine list and of being an official member of the “GreekWineResto” network.

Our courteous, experienced staff will be glad to answer any of your questions and provide you with information concerning the “1800” Restaurant in Oia Santorini wine cellar. Rest assured that you will be perfectly guided to opt for the wine that will give your dinner a unique dimension.

A large variety of Cuban cigars is also available to taste along with the wine of your choice.


The “1800” Restaurant in Oia Santorini owner Ioannis Zaggelidis, the Chef and the personnel are proud that all their endeavors for quality dining and high standard service have been considered unique and have been widely recognized.

We have been honored with established awards such as the Greek Golden Chef’s Hat Award, both in 2005 and in 2007. Our creative kitchen also received the Gourmet Magazine Award for the years 2007- 2008.

Our wine cellar is ranked among the best in Greece. The “1800” has been awarded with the 1st prize of by the “Ampelotopi” Wine Journal for its outstanding Greek wine list and its efforts to promote great quality Greek wines. It has been also certificated a member of the “GreekWineResto” network.

We all hope that the list will grow longer.

View the awards we have been honored with for our cuisine and wine cellar:

* Golden Chef’s Hat Award 2005
* Golden Chef’s Hat Award 2007
* Gourmet Award 2007-2008
* “Ampelotopi” 1st prize for “Outstanding Greek Wine List” 


The settlement of Oia (Ia), on the magnificent island of Santorini, is considered one of the most romantic places in the world. The typical Santorinian architecture of whitewashed houses with blue shutters that are carved into the volcanic rock, glimmering in the sunlight, is a sight of exquisite beauty.

The scenic settlement of Oia (Ia), Santorini with its 79 small churches of Cycladic architectural style, and the breathtaking view of the sunset, will make your wedding unforgettable.

For your Santorini honeymoon and wedding accommodation, you can choose from a wide range of hotel complexes, villas, apartments, studios and rooms for rent, offering lavish honeymoon hotel suites for newly weds, and fully-equipped rooms for family and friends who will attend the wedding.

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1800 Restaurant The awarded “1800” Restaurant in Oia, Santorini Greece is housed in a restored mansion built around 1845. It is a typical Santorinian captain’s house, reflecting the glory of a long gone era.
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