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Q: I do not know how to enter my details (text, logo, photo's). Can you do it for me?

A: Of course!  Please mail to us your request and relevant documents and images

Q: How can I recover my password

A: Go to the login and click on lost password then fill in you email address. Our system will automatically send you a new password. Login again and fill in the new password.
You can also click on this link
Q: I can't remember my username / email

A: You can send an email request to reset your account to .

Q: I receive a reply that somebody has already registered with this email account

A: Follow this link
and our system will send you a new password.

Q: I do not want to forward my logo

A: No problem;  try to enter it yourself or send an extra picture of your company instead
Q: I cannot upload my logo

A: No problem send it to us per e-mail and we will do it for you or follow the instructions below:

A: Your logo must be in a JPEG or PNG Format. The images should not be bigger than 2 MB.
In case you face difficulties during this process you can also forward a request to
We will then do it for you!

Q: Can I replace my old company logo with a new one?

A: Yes, you can. Please see above information concerning uploading of company logo or send an e-mail to
We will then do it for you!

Q: I cannot upload my images

A: You can only upload images that are smaller than 2 MB.
We only support images in JPEG and PNG Format. GIF or BMP are not accepted by our system.

Q: I want to change my images on my listing

When you log-in press the image button and you can delete and add images as you wish.
Note: With a Free Listings only 5 Listing will be displayed.

Q: I want to take my company off-line. Is this possible?

A: Yes you can take your company off-line at any time. Just log-in and press the button: take company off-line

Q: How safe is my personal data?

A: We do not share or re-forward you personal data to third parties in any circumstance.
We apply to all European Privacy Laws.

Q: My listing does not appear on the website

A: When you finish entering the requested data please make sure that you have requested approval by pressing the correct button.

Q: Can I add more than one listing

A: Yes. If you upgrade from Free Listing to Business Listing (link to info)

Q: How many company listings can I have in one account?

A: Only one but if you upgrade from Free Listing to Business Listing can have 5 different businesses entered in your Business Listing Account.

Q: I want to change my e-mail address in my Company Details

A: No you cannot. Only we can change your e-mail address. If you wish to do so please send an email to

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