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14 September, 2012:
Looking for a common language
Ignoring the root of the problem, which is about changing Greece’s labor model completely, the champions of Greece’s euro membership at all cost are at sea....
03 September, 2012:
The chancellor is right
Samaras is not looking to bamboozle the Greeks nor to make a liar of himself. ...
30 July, 2012:
How much do our politicians earn?
Are voluntary pay cuts taken by state officials merely symbolic gestures or do they indicate a true understanding of the toll the crisis has taken on ordinary citizens? ...
13 July, 2012:
Seven-pronged plan to bolster tourism
the plan provides for the promotion of Greece as a destination in top-priority traditional markets such as Germany, Britain and Scandinavia, as well as in Russia and China, where there is a fast-growing interest in foreign travel, and North America....
10 July, 2012:
A policy of European disintegration
The Greeks are battling with unexpected waves in the formerly stagnant waters of their domestic politics and economy...
03 July, 2012:
'Don’t take Greece off the shelf!'
Phil Hindle, assistant manager of Cathedral City Travel in Wells shares his experience of the Greek islands following a recent fam trip to Lefkada with Travelux....
12 June, 2012:
Greece a real bargain for tourists
Hoteliers, tour operators are lowering their prices even for the peak season...
06 June, 2012:
Rough landing ahead
25 May, 2012:
New Democracy strengthens liberal profile
New Democracy should not aim at increasing its populist vote and should avoid amateurish extremes. ...
23 May, 2012:
Greece offers reassurance to holidaymakers
The organisation stressed that British holidaymakers will be able to lock in the best exchange rate since 2008....
24 May, 2012:
Cypriot fears over Greece’s possible return to drachma
Cypriots are particularly worried about the competitiveness of their products in the Greek market should Athens revert to the drachma,...
16 May, 2012:
Greece’s Balkan Inheritance Is Heavy
In Greece, national and Orthodox religious identity became virtually identified....
15 May, 2012:
A weak collection of politicians
By throwing in our lot with Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA we are attempting to negotiate with our partners in the way we have been taught by old-style PASOK and the left for the last 30 years. ...
09 May, 2012:
Time for Greece and the Euro to Part Ways?
Germans are now predominantly of the opinion that they would be better off if Greece left the euro zone...
08 May, 2012:
Hollande’s dilemma: back Greece or Germany?
new eruption of the Greek political volcano...
07 May, 2012:
Greek, French voters reject German-led austerity
voters across Europe have started to send the message...
08 May, 2012:
Entrepreneurs catch on to attraction of franchising
Franchising in the Greek market is on the rise....
04 May, 2012:
Why has the Queen never visited Greece?
"Prince Philip doesn't like Greece"...
04 May, 2012:
Anna Diamantopoulou says
PASOK has paid the price for reckless pre-election rhetoric. ...
02 April, 2012:
Growth is no manna from heaven
02 March, 2012:
Greece has not failed... It is sleeping
the main parties are fighting for survival and the institutions may be able to stand on their own at last. They have been inactive but they do exist....
28 March, 2012:
Athens is highly unlikely to meet its debt targets by 2020....
19 March, 2012:
Turning the page of corruption
19 March, 2012:
Turning the page of corruption
15 March, 2012:
Grilling the politicians
Now that we have been badly bitten several times, we had better starting being a lot shyer about whom we place our trust in....
12 March, 2012:
PSI completion should woo investors
09 March, 2012:
Don't Shoot At Tourism
A 30% drop is projected in the arrivals of German tourists this year....
27 February, 2012:
Big business asks Europe to 'Give Greece a Chance'
The ads ran in the Financial Times, International Herald Tribune and the Wall Street Journal’s European edition as well as German, French and Dutch newspapers....
24 February, 2012:
Toward a new kind of election
it would be wise for the electoral contest to be held outside the context of the traditional rivalry between the two parties...
22 February, 2012:
Will anyone be left standing at the end of Greece's
“In the past two years and again this night, I’ve learned that ‘marathon’ is indeed a Greek word,”...
20 February, 2012:
A taxing issue for Greece
Some 700 million euros was collected in 2011 by chasing down taxpayers that had run up debts. ...
20 January, 2012:
Food industry turns to Greek raw materials
Greek products and raw materials are gaining new fans ...
30 December, 2011:
What the Ephraim case tells us
Russia is eager to take on a leading role on Mount Athos and not because of Ephraim himself....
21 December, 2011:
Greece in the matrix of conflict
It is useful to look at the dynamics affecting our country today and where they may lead....
12 December, 2011:
Greek economic facts
The Greek economy is small, accounting for less than 3.0 percent of total eurozone economic output. ...
12 December, 2011:
Teutonic discipline
Financial union without a corresponding political union is simply not sustainable....
08 December, 2011:
Giscard says Greeks should consider euro exit
The possibility of a smaller and more integrated core euro zone has been discussed by senior French and German civil servants, officials told Reuters last month. ”I think that in the end that is how it will happen,” Giscard said....
05 December, 2011:
A pause in political games
Greece must stand on its own feet, stay in the eurozone and swiftly get on the road to growth. In order to achieve all this we have to go through a number of obligatory, and crucial, stages....
02 December, 2011:
A window of opportunity for the Greek economy
Promote research and technology in priority areas, including renewable energy, with a view to boosting innovation and potential growth....
28 November, 2011:
Between Europe and Turkey
In the great redistribution of power and influence in our region, in Europe and around the planet, Greece will be in danger of becoming a satellite of the strongest country in the region, which at this time is no other than Turkey. ...
21 November, 2011:
The fear factor
Our European partners fear that we will drag them down and destroy the euro...
19 November, 2011:
Mired in crisis, is Greece primed for rebranding?
“For people to buy a concept, you don’t sell it to them. You’ve got to get them involved in it, you’ve got to talk to them....
15 November, 2011:
Ye gods! New mythologies for Greece and Italy
Observations and provocations from The Times' Opinion staff...
15 November, 2011:
Athens facing a daunting task
Outlook remains bleak as coalition will find it hard to convince people about austerity measures...
15 November, 2011:
Maybe this time will be different
Something an experienced New Democracy cadre told me Thursday afternoon stuck with me. He said that for three days, as negotiations to find the next prime minister wavered, the switchboard at the conservative party’s headquarters was bombarded by exasperated ND supporters....
12 November, 2011:
Maybe this time will be different
Papademos Thursday exuded a sense of calm and knowledge of the tough situation....
10 November, 2011:
Profile: Lucas Papademos
Lucas Papademos, Greece's technocrat new prime minister, is a former European Central Bank (ECB) vice-president who is seen as well placed to handle the debt crisis. ...
10 November, 2011:
Profile: the men who could replace George Papandreou
As Greece awaits the formal announcement of a new interim government, we take a closer look at the two men leading the race to be the country's next prime minister. ...
15 November, 2011:
Where Greece And Jamaica Collide
As he battled before his Parliament last Friday night to survive a vote of confidence and keep secure the European Union's (EU) €100-billion bailout package, Greece's outgoing prime minister, George Papandreou, made a stirring plea for honesty from political leaders....
07 November, 2011:
EU-prescribed coalition gives Greece short-term relief
EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn on Sunday warned Greece it had 24 hours to form a government that would honor its pledges or face the prospect of a euro exit....
02 November, 2011:
Grand gestures, empty gestures
There was some important news relating to Greece on Monday...
31 October, 2011:
Fortress Europe
31 October, 2011:
Fortress Europe
Chancellor Angela Merkel placed the EFSF at the center of her country’s policy. ...
31 October, 2011:
The sovereignty question
SO IT came to pass that on October 27 Greece was placed under the supervision of its European partners, as part of a grand deal to convince banks to erase billions of euros in Greek debt....
28 October, 2011:
Trevor Law: Putting Greece's economic woes into perspective
Should we view price decline caused by other investors panic over global economic conditions to be a buying opportunity in certain carefully selected firms? ...
27 October, 2011:
In worrying times,Greece needs a joint tourism strategy
This year, Greek tourism added a point-and-a-half to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP)....
24 October, 2011:
Who’s to blame, anyway?
Who’s to blame, anyway?...
31 October, 2011:
Greek crisis: what would the ancients say?
More than 200 international philosophers braved strikes and protests to come to Greece this month to join a forum and debate matters of the mind....
25 October, 2011:
Through the broken mirror
The shocking scenes on Syntagma Square last Thursday, where young Greeks tried to pulverize and burn fellow Greeks, showed in the most tragic way how much we have undermined our institutions and how far our society is in danger of regressing...
17 October, 2011:
Are Greece and Italy really safe havens?
Working in financial markets is currently like living in a hall of mirrors. Things which logic suggests should fall, rise. Things which ought to loom large appear small. It is hard not to wonder if things that presently seem overwhelming will not in due course be seen as mere way-stations. ...
03 October, 2011:
ANALYSIS - Greece's Sisyphean task to replace debt with growth
"How do you get growth?...
30 September, 2011:
Iceland and Ireland Models Help to Guide Greece's Path
Comparing Iceland and Ireland's experiences ...
26 September, 2011:
Facts about the property tax
Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the new measure and some details regarding the content of the draft law. ...
24 September, 2011:
Europe’s problem is that no one knows who’s in charge
It’s no good calling for leadership if none of the EU leaders has the authority to act. ...
12 September, 2011:
Greece's debt woes have Merkel pleading for patience
With crashing stock markets, a plummeting currency and furious talk of military interventions in the Greek economy, this may be remembered as the Monday when the European crisis turned into an utter cataclysm. ...
16 August, 2011:
Ever closer union
Germany will only consider taking on the liabilities of other eurozone nations if it also gets effective control of their economies...
31 July, 2011:
Big price cuts at hotels and holiday apartments
Drop in domestic tourism numbers prompts impressive bargains...
26 July, 2011:
In Greek Debt Deal, Clear Benefits for the Banks
Europe's latest plan to prop up Greece looks suspiciously like a plan to bolster European banks. ...
19 July, 2011:
Checks and balances
Many people have expressed shock at the phone-hacking scandal that continues to rock Britain....
17 July, 2011:
Debt crisis taxes cozy Greek church-state ties
Religious institution accused of avoiding tax payments, urged to do more...
16 July, 2011:
Terminology versus reality
The truth is too stubborn to bend to wishful thinking. ...
13 July, 2011:
Known quantity
Greece’s fiscal misery has prompted a lot of grumbling, but also a fair deal of wishful thinking....
04 July, 2011:
The rage of Achilles, over and over
As Greece teetered on the brink of bankruptcy last week,...
15 November, 2011:
What Greece could teach America
Greece has never been a shining example of how to run a government or grow an economy. It is plagued by massive debt, an oversized public sector, rampant tax evasion and a host of byzantine anti-business laws....
28 June, 2011:
The Greek crisis unraveled and its impact on gold
A look at some of the facts about the current debt crisis in Greece, the reasons behind some of the political reactions and, how Greek people are buying gold ...
20 June, 2011:
1st Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum
Join this June for the 1st Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum....
17 June, 2011:
IMF to pump in billions more
The International Monetary Fund is preparing to pump more money into Greece’s stricken economy in an attempt to calm turmoil on the financial markets. ...
15 June, 2011:
Papandreou's options
Prime Minister George Papandreou does not seem to be on top of things anymore. ...
08 June, 2011:
Kicking the can
Greece has made it through its latest near-meltdown. But the solution patched together last week — more European bailout money for more Greek austerity — only buys some time without offering any realistic hope of recovery. ...
07 June, 2011:
Mohamed Mondays
Very few of us like to be confronted with unpleasant choices. ...
09 June, 2011:
The Greek food fight
AS IF she didn’t have enough on her plate already, Athena Linou is now on a nationwide crusade against fatty foods. ...
03 June, 2011:
Amateur hour in Parliament
Thinking is such a great pastime. And the paradox uttered by Karatzaferis on a morning television show came as a welcome break because the truth is that the political atmosphere is really bleak and the public is in a state of catatonia....
29 May, 2011:
Lagarde, Juncker, and Greece’s solvency
Christine Lagarde’s international campaign to become the next head of the IMF is an attempt to maximize her credentials as the choice not only of Europe but of the rest of the world as well. ...
30 May, 2011:
EU needs to be more constructive with Greek crisis
If Greece wants to overcome its economic and public debt crisis it has no time to waste in implementing its ambitious privatization and real estate development program. ...
26 May, 2011:
Polls won't help us now
The proposal by Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) chief Dimitris Daskalopoulos for a referendum over whether Greece should accept a new so-called memorandum shocked those who believed that the “modernization” of the Greek economy would enjoy the support of the business community. ...
24 May, 2011:
The improvisation show
A «campaign» for receipts was how the government and the media dubbed a series of incentives to convince citizens to demand receipts in a bid to tackle tax evasion...
24 May, 2011:
Red Bull Cliff Diving in Athens
Greece and especially Athens are immediately affiliated with the ancient world, fabled myths and gods, science as well as the Godfather of all sporting competitions – the Olympics. Following the country’s rich tradition, the sunken lake Vouliagmeni on the outskirts of Athens is the perfect venue...
23 May, 2011:
Country’s economic model must forcibly change
The rapid deterioration in economic conditions has made it clear that changing Greece’s economic model will be more painful than previously thought....
19 May, 2011:
Regulating Dublin II
The demands of French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi for a revised Schengen agreement is a manifestation of the grave disease that Europe is suffering from. ...
13 May, 2011:
Is there a real risk of Greece exiting the eurozone? ...
03 May, 2011:
Don't blame it on the Greeks
The comment by Ed Miliband, the British Labour Party’s leader, was for domestic consumption, as part of an attack on his country’s Conservative government, rather than as an expression of support for his fellow socialists at PASOK. But it was a timely reminder that the Greek crisis is not taking...
04 April, 2011:
Dimitris P. Kraniotis
Dimitris P. Kraniotis is an award-winning Greek poet. He was born in 15 July 1966 in Stomio (Larissa), a coastal town in central Greece . He studied at the Medical School of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. He lives and works as a medical doctor (Internal Medicine specialist physician) in L...
30 March, 2011:
screened in Islamabad
Islamabad The South Asian Free Media Association (Safma) screened an all-time favourite movie ‘Zorba the Greek’ from 1961 at its media centre here recently....
28 February, 2011:
Greeks prefer drinking wine
If you consider the wine production in Greece, it is no surprise that wine comes first in the list of preferences among Greeks, in comparison with all other alcoholic drinks....

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