Insight Meditation South Bay offers meditation instruction in Silicon Valley, California, serving San Jose, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, and Menlo Park, and also online programs. We provide guidance, and support for contemplative practices that develop clarity, joy, and inner peace in the midst of everyday living. Whether you’re just curious about meditation, an experienced practitioner, or anywhere in between, we welcome you!

Our practices are firmly grounded in the three pillars of Buddhist training—virtue, mental clarity, and wisdom. We show you how to apply them to your life, right here and right now. While the context of our programming is the Buddha’s teachings, the practices we teach are universal: whatever your faith or belief system, you are welcome at our events as we cultivate mindfulness, happiness, and compassion.

Extensive programs and retreats

Founded by Shaila Catherine in 2006, IMSB offers a wide array of programs that serve an international community of meditators at all stages of practice. We host a vibrant local community in Silicon Valley, California, with weekly sitting groups in Mountain View, San Jose, and Saratoga, and meditation classes, monthly days of meditation, and sutta study courses. Most events are open to the public and drop in attendance is welcome.

We also offer residential retreats that draw students from across the country who wish to deepen their concentration and insight. We have created an ever-expanding online program and work together with Bodhi Courses to support our distant friends with online sutta study programs, online meditation courses, and topical courses on Buddhism. Our principal teacher, Shaila Catherine, shares her expertise with concentration and jhana meditation by providing ongoing training for qualified dedicated students.

Building community

The heart of Insight Meditation South Bay is the community of people practicing together. We integrate the fruits of contemplative meditation by nurturing compassion and generosity towards each other, to create a spiritual home of safety, trust, and kindness.

We invite everyone to participate actively in our community. Volunteer service opportunities support our operations and voluntary donations support the livelihood of our teachers and our organization. We also sponsor charity projects and community activities. By volunteering, you can get involved, meet people, and be a vital part of our community’s development.

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y 1995 A0435 Giappone - B3746 Disegno Sul Verso 50+3 Japan Intero