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Posted on: 27/Oct/2009

PM attends Thessaloniki events

"Hellenism's great victory, that of the liberation of Thessaloniki, highlights and proves the timeless strength of our people, our country. The strength of Northern Greece, of Macedonia and Thrace," prime minister George Papandreou said in Thessaloniki on Monday, after a Doxology celebrating the feast day of the city's patron Saint Demetrios.

Three-day events opened in Thessaloniki on Monday marking the triple celebration of St. Demetrios' feast day, the 97th anniversary of the city's liberation from Ottoman rule, and the October 28 OCHI Day national holiday.

"This strength proves that, with determination and unity, and serving values and principles, we attain goals and can change, and are changing, Greece," the premier added.

"Today, we are waging the battle for liberation from mentalities, perceptions and practices that have held us back many years. We are waging the battle for liberation of the creative and productive forces of the country. We are waging the battle for the liberation of politics from petty partisanship and intransparency. We are waging the battle for liberation of the citizen from insecurity, injustice, inequality," the premier continued.

"I am certain that we are united in this battle as well. This battle unites all us Greeks in a common effort to render Greece strong, capable, just and human. And, naturally, decisive in this battle is the role of the Periphery, of our Thrace, our Macedonia, our Thessaloniki," Papandreou concluded.


source: http://www.ana-mpa.gr

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