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Date: 17/Oct/2009

Tribute to Pantelis Prevelakis with a 100 Year Jubileum Celebration.

Cultural Event organised by the Municipality of Chania, Crete with the scientific consulting of Chryssa Damianaki.
17-18 October 2009
Pandelis Prevelakis (Rethymno, Crete 1909 - Athens 1986) (Παντέλης Πρεβελάκης, also translated 'Pantelis') was a Greek author of poetry, drama, essays, and studies, best known as one of the leading Greek prose writers of the "1930s generation". Most of his works are set in Crete.

His best-known works in English are Το χρονικό μιας Πολιτείας (1937) The Tale of a Town or The Chronicle of a Town, a nostalgic depiction of Rethymno from 1898-1924 and the two trilogies, The Cretan (1948-1950) and The Sun of Death (1959).

There is a statue of him in front of City Hall in Rethymno and his grave is in a tiny churchyard near the top of the hill on Kazantzakis Street in Rethymno.

The event takes place at the Philological Association Chrysostomos in Chania Crete, Halidon 83, Chania

The Philological Association "Chrysostomos" is the oldest intellectual and cultural association -not only in the city of Chania, but also in the entire island. It was founded in 1899 and initially it was preoccupied with issues of a wider social and educational framework. 



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