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Date: 10/Jun/2011

 Each summer solstice, members of the European Music Day network (aka Fête Européenne de la Musique) organise free concerts all around their cities. Athens takes the event to heart, with numerous concerts and special performances.

Unlike a music festival, which normally focuses on one composer or one specific type of music and follows a programme selected by an artistic director, European Music Day is a free event and is open to anyone who wants to perform.

The event also encourages the major music institutions to perform outside their usual locations and to embrace styles of music outside their traditionally accepted genres. Preferred locations include the open-air, streets, parks, courtyards and museums. Stages crop up all over town, with big ones being used for the evening performances. Greek talent from across the country comes together, with a broad range of musical genres represented.


Tourist info :

Name: Athens Tourism & Economic Development Company
Location: Athens
Phone: +30 (0) 210 331 0392
Name: Greek National Tourism Organisation
Location: Greece
Address: Amalias 26, Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 (0) 210 331 0392

Upcoming events

> 10/06/2011 - European Music Day
> 25/06/2011 - Special Olympics
> 01/07/2011 - Rockwave Festival
> 01/10/2011 - Athens Marathon

Past events

> 01/10/2009 - The Festival of Women
> 01/10/2009 - Athens Fashion Week
> 04/10/2009 - Greek elections
> 12/10/2009 - Byzantine Pop Art
> 05/11/2009 - Greek ICT Forum
> 08/11/2009 - Beyonce
> 12/11/2009 - World Travel Market
> 17/11/2009 - Student Uprising

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