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The Athens Lawn Tennis Club (A.L.T.C.) was founded in 1895, as the "ATHENS LAWN TENNIS CLUB" and has continuously operated and offered its services to the sporting youth, for 109 years!

The Athens Lawn Tennis Club is the oldest, busiest and most successful in terms of wins club in Greece. Among the pioneers of the modern Olympic Movement and honored with the hosting of the Tennis competition of the inaugural Olympic Games in 1896 and the Mid-Olympiad of 1906 in its preserved to this day installations.

The Clubs placement is privilege, as it is situated between the Temple of Zeus Olympios and the Acropolis from one side and the Panathenaic (Kallimarmaron) Stadium from the other, opposite the Zappeion Mansion.

Athens had 128000 inhabitants back when the A.L.T.C. was founded. It had some clay roads and a few cobblestone-laid ones. Lighting was achieved by means of 2000 gas lanterns. Transportation means were the horse and carriage, and the "horse-railway" (wagons on rails, pulled by horses). In the center and the west part of the town, there was mayhem (as is in every part of the city nowadays), caused by the railway construction works as the tracks were elongated, underground from Thisseion to Monastiraki and from then on to Omonoia Square...

Few were the tennis fans of Athens back then. A manuscript by Alexander Merkatis, one of the first players, reads: " was almost unknown in Greece. The players would not even add up to ten and were considered insane modernists, because in the middle of winter, dressed in white, they dared to walk the streets holding a racket..." and further down the same manuscript we read about the tennis affiliates: "...Nobody seemed willing to contribute to their effort. To the contrary in fact, they were more than one times laughed upon..." It is all about the first ever tennis players, seeking for a place to pursue this newly brought from England "recreation".




An all green and flowery space occupies the 3,8 acres between the Temple of Zeus Olympios and the Acropolis from one side and the Panathenaic ("Kallimarmaron" or Marble) Stadium and the hill of Ardittos from the other side, opposite the Zappeion Mansion and the National Gardens, at the site of Olympieion and the heart of the Unification of the Archaeological Sites. The Athens Lawn Tennis Club has affirmed its place in Olympic history, boasting about holding in its premises near the Temple of Zeus Olympios, the tennis competition of the inaugural Olympic games, in 1896.

Tennis Courts
The Athens Lawn Tennis Club has a total of 11 tennis courts 6 of which are clay courts and are usually occupied by the Club members, while the remaining are Greens Set floored, 3 of which are utilized by the Clubs' tennis schools and 2 by the trainers performing private sessions. There is always booking potentiality for a Clay court.

Squash Courts
The A.L.T.C. has 3 great Squash courts. Two of them have existed since the Club was founded. The third one was built in the sixties, in dimensions that allowed double play (4 players). However courts of this size were eliminated on a worldwide scale so we refurbished it and created a new court of regular size facilitating for 150 spectators as well.

The A.L.T.C. Gymnasium is equipped with the entire essential modern working out machinery and is a place for personal as much as group training. It is open daily, while during the school year, supervised training sessions are held especially for Club members.

Locker Rooms
The Locker Rooms are equipped with all the comforts needed for the perfect relaxation following a good workout, featuring Shower, Sauna and Turkish-Bath (Men's Locker Rooms). Assigned personal lockers are available all year round for an annual fee.

Restaurant - Bar
The A.L.T.C. restaurant is open every weeknight and during the day of most weekends, for the members and their guests. Musical soirees are occasionally organized as well.
The A.L.T.C. bar is open all day everyday. It is a pleasant place where our members may engage in different sporting activities such as television, a game of pool and the traditional backgammon.

Club House
Reminiscent of a museum, decorated with the various trophies and souvenirs is the favourite sitting room of our members. During the summer months, its roof plays host to receptions and cocktail parties thrown by members or not.

Consists of a terrace for games (backgammon-cards), a large promenade as well as sitting space and an outdoor restaurant for the summer months.


Sports Division

The Athens Lawn Tennis Club schools are traditionally among the most important centers for the development of the sport in Greece. Past and present Boards of Directors have managed to maintain a harmonious relationship between the Club members' activities and the development of the Sports Division, preserving thus, the long-established status of the Club in the Greek Tennis World.

Within the A.L.T.C. courts and in harmony with the Club members, several generations of athletes evolved and became champions, such as:

N. Kalyvas, N. Kalogeropoulos, P. Gavriilidis, N. Kelaidis, D. Asteri, A. Kanellopoulou, D. Panagopoulou, O. Tsarbopoulou, Ch. Papadaki, Ch. Zachariadou, P. Moschoutis, V. Mazarakis, A. Giakoupovic, E. Alexiou and many others.

Currently, the A.L.T.C. schools function in three sections:

Learning Courses
The A.L.T.C. learning courses give children of all ages the opportunity to meet and learn the sport by paying a relatively small amount of participation fee.
Learning Courses operate on weekdays and weekends in accordance to the yearly school schedule.

Novice Sections - New Schools
Novice Sections are the passageway to the Competing Teams. Novice Sections are composed of boys and girls aged 5 to 8 years. Children with potential and motivation advance from the Novice Section to the Clubs Competing Teams. Novice Sections operate in conjunction with the school schedule from mid September to mid June every year.
In scheduled intervals (usually September - December) New Courses are organized as a way of picking out and allocating children to the various sections of the Club. All children that fulfill the age prerequisite and wish so, may join the New Courses free of charge (the A.L.T.C. provides for all the athletic material needed for the taking part of the children to the New Courses with no money involvement).

Competing teams
The Competing teams shape the most important function of the Club. Within these teams, boys and girls aged 9 to 18 years, train as high aspiring athletes.
The Competing teams, function daily, all year round and their schedule consists of technique training, tactics training, exercising and event competition.
The athletes - members of the competing teams, follow a yearly-setup schedule by taking part in several events that the Club organizes.
Very often and in conjunction with ones potential, the Club may provide for free training and actively contribute for the athletes taking part in Greek and international events.













The Athens Lawn Tennis Club
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