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Property Construction & Sale

Novalis Terra started business as a technical and construction company in 2007, committed to the creative design, quality construction and efficient, profitable management of city and country homes. Based in Thessaloniki, the company has been engaged in a series of projects in selected areas of Greece, but with the island of Thasos as its main focus.

All the homes the company has built are characterized by high standards of construction and architectural design. Its team of distinguished professionals, with a record of major construction projects, guarantees exceptional results: homes built to high specifications, of lasting aesthetic and functional quality.

The high quality of the company’s homes has consolidated its reputation as a technical and construction company, but the main characteristic which distinguishes us from our competitors is our unique lifestyle philosophy.

Through its projects and services, Novalis Terra aspires to transform your everyday routine. Let us initiate you into a new lifestyle, with greater leisure, free of any of the worry and stress involved in running a home.

Relax – and let us take care of the problems.

 Property Construction & Sale

Real Estate on the Island of Thasos

Affordable prices bringing luxury within your range

Novalis Terra has chosen one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands as the location for developments built to the highest aesthetic standards, with homes distinguished for their superb quality and efficiency.



The many advantages of the location, and the natural beauty of the setting, were key elements in the choice of site for a project on such an ambitious scale.
Inspired by the natural beauty of the location, it was not difficult to design homes that would harmonize perfectly with the Thasos landscape, planned to convey a sense of natural tranquillity in a fairy-tale setting. And if the description you are reading suggests a sense of wealth and opulence accessible only to the few, think again! The affordable prices will disabuse you of any such notion. We are in a position to offer real bargains – all you have to do is take advantage of them.

However, the contribution of Novalis Terra is not confined to the construction and sale of properties. We also offer a range of accompanying services to complete the concept of a different lifestyle.

Specifically, the company will provide solutions to all sorts of everyday problems, helping to make your stay in your country home even more relaxing and enjoyable. We can provide help with cleaning services, the design and maintenance of your garden, child care facilities and much more.

And if you have a property you wish to rent out, we have the expertise in real estate to solve your problems and take care on your behalf of all the tedious and time-consuming procedures involved.

Relax and enjoy your life – enjoy the Thasos experience with the help of Novalis Terra.

The Houses

The Olion estate comprises 19 free-standing homes, built to three different architectural models. Ideal homes to the highest aesthetic standards, of superb quality, comfortable and efficient to run – holiday homes where you will build a lifetime of memories.



The community has been designed to guarantee privacy for its residents. Each property is surrounded by a private garden of from 500 to 900 square metres, screened by trees, with its own entrance and two parking spaces. The houses have open fireplaces, individually controlled central heating systems, A/C units which also offer heating, electrical appliances, security alarms, reinforced external doors, wooden pergolas, barbecue units and DSL internet connection.

When it comes to choosing the interior décor for your new home, we recommend the services of our specialist team of associates. Talented, experienced interior designers will draw on their special knowledge and exquisite taste to create a home of superb aesthetic quality, allowing you to move into a home that is ‘ready to live in’ and where we are confident you will have the lifestyle you deserve!

Ideal homes for unique moments – from Novalis Terra!

Note: If you like the sound of our developments, please get in touch so we can send you a comprehensive information pack.


Skala Kallirachis, Thasos

On the western coast of the island, 1.4 privately owned hectares on a hillside at Skala Kallirachis - this is the site chosen by Novalis Terra for a luxury development of houses with views over the endless blue of the Aegean.

This new hillside development, with its magnificent sunsets, will be known as Legea –named after the siren of Greek mythology who made her home on Thasos. It is our intention that the name Legea will be synonymous with the concept of luxury living. The plans drawn up by Novalis Terra will see the creation of holiday homes of the highest quality, built to the most demanding aesthetic standards and adjusted to meet the needs and tastes of the individual customer.

Luxury homes bathed in light, with all amenities, spacious bedrooms, large balconies, kitchens designed for maximum efficiency and superb bathrooms – unique homes making the ideal property purchase.

With impressive private grounds, permanent barbecue units, a private pool and access to a private beach – this is a location where you are guaranteed unique levels of peace and quiet. Novalis Terra is confident that the Legea development will represent your own personal version of heaven on earth!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we will be happy to supply further information.


Sales and management of properties

Thasos Real Estate Services

Do you have a property you would like to use to generate some income? Novalis Terra offers all the help you need…

With our experience and expertise in the world of real estate, we can advise you on getting the maximum return from your property with the minimum effort.

We use our specialist marketing techniques to create a comprehensive portfolio for your property (photographs, video, specifications, prices, etc.), which we then market to targeted audiences through a range of media. The marketing process is intensive and sustained, continuing until the right customer is found. We look to find you the ideal purchaser or tenant with the minimum delay.

Once the right tenant or purchaser has been found, the management process can begin. We undertake to prepare the necessary contracts, ensuring compensation in case of damage, checking the property on handover dates, taking care of maintenance and repairs, handling sales, overseeing finance procedures, and so on.

Rely on us to take the strain, taking care of the tedious and time-consuming procedures involved in property marketing and management.


High-quality services from Novalis Terra

Help from Novalis Terra is not confined to the construction, sales and management of property. Our specialist associates are on hand to offer a range of high-quality services, adjusted to the individual customer’s wishes and needs. There is one overriding objective: making your everyday routine as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Need help with the housework? Rely on us to arrange cleaning, repair and maintenance, garden design and even babysitting and child care services.

Looking for total relaxation? We offer massage and beauty sessions, or for an evening out – we arrange reservations at the island’s top bars and restaurants.

We can also arrange your ferry and air bookings, as well as car rentals. Thasos is an island of remarkable beauty and we can arrange a variety of excursions and tours so you can enjoy it to the full.

Finally, for those planning a wedding or baptism, or just a simple party, we can offer a range of original, unique ideas.

Novalis Terra for quality of life and carefree leisure.






Novalis Terra Properties Property Construction & Sale
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