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Catagories: Import & Export, Meat Products, Wholesale
Area: Attica
quality people love to taste

Having obtained a leading position in the Greek market, NIKAS follows the nutritional trends on an international level and flexibly responds to the differentiated needs and preferences of modern consumers.

quality people love to taste

Having conquered a leading position in the Greek market, NIKAS is closely following the food trends that develop in the international scene and responds with great flexibility to the diverse needs and demands of contemporary consumers. Through methodical strategic design, our company is implementing its development plan, further expanding its activities to the Southeastern European countries, as well as demarcating, monitoring and capitalising on emerging opportunities, for the benefit of its customers, shareholders and employees.

The European prospect of the Balkans, the political and macro-economical stability in the region and the gradual increase of per capita income, are crucial factors that contribute to and highlight the formation of dynamic investment poles.

Within this framework, NIKAS has been one of the first to identify the growth potential in the wider region of Southeastern Europe and proceeded to make significant investments, in order to strengthen its presence in a market of 130 million consumers. To achieve its goal and become the market leader in the processed meat sector in the Balkans, NIKAS is steadily carving its growth course, increasing its market share in the countries where it already operates, while paving the way tonew, dynamic markets.

Meanwhile, the company has radically reorganised its operating structure in Greece, focusing on its basic product range with a gradual disengagement from marginal, non-profitable activities. The new flexible NIKAS structure allows the company to maximise its competitive advantage and to spotlight its expertise in launching innovative products and in introducing essentially new food categories to the market.

Consistently focused on satisfying the high expectations generated by the long-standing high-quality of the products it offers, NIKAS invests heavily in research and development. Through surveys that delineate the needs created by contemporary lifestyle in Greece and abroad NIKAS is able to develop new, original and innovative products, which allow the company to remain the favourite consumer choice, thus markedly differentiating it from the competition.

In addition to methodical strategic planning and stable escalation of its operational orientation, one of NIKAS’ main priorities is to strengthen its corporate culture. Recognising that the contribution of its workforce constitutes an essential condition for the success of its production activities as well as for the implementation of its expansion plan, NIKAS is constantly investing in an environment that promotes common goals and shared prospects, as well as harmonious cooperation and participation, aiming at the effective realisation of its vision.

Nikas quality people love to taste
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