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Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) is committed to being a leader in the petroleum refining business thus providing the region that it serves with a reliable and affordable supply of energy. Through its evolution MOH is now considered as one of the major contributors to the domestic economy and a key market player in the region. MOH is listed in the Athens Exchange and is a constituent of the indices : ATHEX COMPOSITE, FTSE/ATHEX 20, FTSE/ATHEX INTERNATIONAL. Furthermore, the Company is a constituent of the MSCI SMALL CAP INDEX.

The Refinery with its ancillary plants and offsite facilities forms the largest privately held industrial complex in Greece and is considered as one of the most modern refineries in Europe. Due to its flexibility it can process crude oils of various characteristics and produce a full range of petroleum products, complying with the most stringent International Specifications, serving major petroleum marketing companies in Greece and abroad. Apart from fuels, MOH is the only Lubricants producer and packager in Greece. Base oils and finished lubricants produced, are approved by International Organizations, ACEA, API, the US NAVY & ARMY. The Refinery production operations are located in Agii Theodori, in the province of Corinth, about 70 km outside Athens. The Administration and the General Divisions of Marketing, Finance and Corporate Planning are housed at the company Headquarters in a modern building in Maroussi, a suburb of Athens.

MOH's Management System, Quality and Environment, is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 for the production & delivery of fuels, lubricants, waxes and oils and according to ISO 14001:2004 regarding environmental management systems. It is the only refinery in Greece, which has been certified with both certifications.

The Company is totally committed to continuous quality improvement. Within the scope of this commitment, in September 2006 the Refinery’s Chemical Lab was certified according to ISO 1705:2005 by the National Certification System (Ε.ΣΥ.Δ.), this certification being valid up to September 2010.

Furthermore, in 2007 within the framework of its commitment for continuous improvement of Environmental Management, the Company proceeded voluntarily with the annual Environmental Statement according to the European Regulation 761/2001 EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) verified by Bureau Veritas.

The extraordinary success that MOH has achieved can be largely attributed to its Personnel. At MOH we strive to develop our people to their highest potential, through continuous education and assignment of challenging projects.

Vision & Mission

Company Vision: To Be the Pre-eminent Refining and Marketing Oil Products Trading Company in the Region.

Company Mission: To increase stakeholders' value through employing effective refining technology, sales and marketing practices, to serve the needs of our customers, while increasing domestic market share. To conduct ourselves with integrity, speed, and flexibility when dealing with Employees, Customers, Suppliers and the Community, without compromising our high level of environmental awareness and safety standards.


Fuels Production: Crude Oil is processed in the Crude Distillation Unit, from which LPG, Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel and Fuel Oil are produced. Kerosene and Diesel are further treated mainly in order to remove sulfur thus complying with the required specifications and to produce jet fuel and diesel fuel respectively (both automotive and heating grades).

Gasoline Production: Naphtha here is treated in order to produce gasoline of a high octane number, thus eliminating the need for adding lead in gasoline.

Hydrocracker Complex: This unit is the most recent investment project undertaken by the Company the capital expenditure of which amounted to € 350 million completed within 2005. The operation of the Hydrocracker enabled the production of the new clean fuels with low sulfur content according to the specifications of the European Union effective as of 2005 and 2009 (Auto Oil II). Furthermore, the unit contributed decisively to the improvement of the environmental conditions at the Refinery as the emissions from the FCC were drastically reduced.

FCC Complex: Atmospheric Fuel Oil is fed to the FCC complex to produce LPG, gasoline, diesel, and Fuel Oil. Parts of the LPGs are sent to downstream units and are converted into high quality gasoline components.

Lubes Production: Atmospheric Fuel Oil is also fed to the Lubes Vacuum Unit. After a series of processes in order to improve properties of the lubricants, such as viscosity index, pour point, cloud point, the final base lubes are produced and stored. Additionally, asphalt can be produced form the Lubes vacuum unit, whereas the bottoms of both vacuum units is routed to the visbreaker for further upgrading and production of fuel oil.

Motor Oil Hellas
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