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Catagories: Real Estate
Area: Crete, Heraklion, Heraklion
We are certain of a long lasting and successful co-operation

Michael Fragkakis, the Householder and Director of our Agency has more than 25 years experience in Real Estate Agencies in Sidney, Australia. He has been Householder and Franchise Director of Century 21. Graduated from the College of Sidney after 4 years of studies and continued his education at Hocks Bunny University where he specialized for 1 year as an auctions agent. Our Agency in Heraklion was founded in 1991 under the name KRITIKI GI and since then it has been operating with exceptional success. The 6 persons staff is dealing with all kinds of real estate services such as PURCHASES, SALES, RENTING and MANAGEMENT.

The experienced staff of our company undertakes all the procedures necessary for the valuation and trading in the real estate market. They evaluate and inspect on the potential tenants, negotiate for the terms of the tenancy, attend the normal performance of the leasing, ensure the regular payment of rents and cope with all technical matters that may occur on the property (repairs, maintenance etc).

On the other hand, you just enjoy the revenues from your property. We pay in your rents every month and we inform you for the matters that concern your property so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Leasing evaluation: One of the most important decisions that has to made before any renting procedures begin is a rational evaluation of the rental that will be asked for the property in question. If you ask for a small rent, then you might be losing money every month for many years. If you ask for a high rent, then it might be possible to lose money from rents before realizing the bad evaluation. We are very familiar with the real estate market and we can provide you with comparables. This way we can be confident and we can offer a complete presentation of the property to the potential tenants and in that manner, obtaining the best agreement.

Property Promotion: The promotion of your property is necessary so that all potential tenants are informed about it and express their interest. Each property is promoted in different ways, for each property needs a different promoting approach. For that matter, we may use our company's customer list, local and national Press, Internet etc.

Negotiations: Our goal is not just the achievement of the best economic agreement possible but also the claim of the best possible terms in the tenancy agreement as well as the engagement that all rents will be paid on time.

Tenancy agreement: We undertake the drafting of the tenancy agreement without additional cost.

Collection of rents: The collection of the rent must be done in a systematic and organised manner since the beginning of the renting. In case of a delay, the tenant must be immediately disturbed as many times as required before the case reaches court, with the consignment of a solicitor's letter. Our experience shows that it is rare for a case like this to lead in court. OUR WELL ORGANIZED MANAGEMENT and our experience show that in case of a delay in the payment of rent, the margins are very thin.

Attribution of rents: The attribution of your rents is done in the first 10 days of each month following an analysis, e.g. the tenants name, the property's address, the rent etc.

Monitoring the tenants' activity: Time is money. If we know when a tenant wishes to depart, then we can make sure that the property is rent even before he leaves.

Guarantee for the payment of rents: One of the most common problems encountered by owners in what concerns the renting of their property is the creditworthiness of the tenants. Economic factors, negligence, bad temper or malice are some of the reasons that lead many tenants to fall behind the payment of their monthly economic obligation. Even the strictest tenancy agreement can not prevent a determined and bad mannered tenant and protect the owner. You have to be certain that our experience, combined with the continuous disturbance to the bad mannered tenant almost annihilate the chances of the case to lead in court.

We are certain of a long lasting and successful co-operation .

KRITIKI GI We are certain of a long lasting and successful co-operation
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