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INTERCOMM aims to satisfy the customers’ needs through high quality products and services

INTERCOMM FOODS S.A., an ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified company, founded in 1990, is located in the low Thessalian district of Larissa, in Central Greece, producing jams and syrups, canned peach and apricot, peach and apricot compote, aseptic peach and apricot fruit and olives - antipasti.

The companys headquarters, warehouse and production facilities cover an area of approximately 130.000m2.
In 1999, the company performed a large investment in the field of olives, with modern installations similar to the biggest European factories. Through this investment, we have succeeded to be a leading olive processing company in Greece, with the highest standards, gaining more and more the recognition of the table olives market worldwide.

INTERCOMM aims to satisfy the customers’ needs through high quality products and services

Being manufactured from high quality completely natural, carefully selected raw materials, the products of the company, rich in natural taste and flavor, support company’s effort to impose the highest standards of quality on its products.

Our Products:

Olive Products

The Health Heritage of the Olive

In the Mediterranean culture the olive has been considered sacred for over 4.000 years. Ancient Greek myths tell of how Athena, goddess of wisdom, bestowed upon mankind her divine gift - the olive tree. From this rugged and beautiful tree we get 3 basic varieties: 1. Green olives from the Chalkidiki or Amphissa regions.
2. The Kalamata "almond" shapped with an arched top olives
3. The Black natural ripened olives.
The rediscovery of Mediterranean diet among the healthy and culinary worlds has confirmed the ancient wisdom of Greek culture. People in the Mediterranean areas have a lower Incidence of heart disease, and enjoy a longer life, largerly due to the benefits of their olive-based diet.

Top Quality

INTERCOMM olives are selected from the highest quality olives produced in Greeces best olive growing plants, from the island of Crete to Kalamata, Amphissa and the holy places of Chalkidiki. Harvested and transported immediately to our plant in Larissa, they are processed using the latest equipment, in order to reach your table fresh, hygienic and full of rich flavour. The collection of the olive fruit, that is intended for table purposes, is a very difficult and time consuming process, as every olive is picked from the trees by naked hands, as it was done thousands of years ago by the ancient Greek olive collectors.

Black Olives
Green Olives JARS
Green Olives TINS
Kalamata Olives
Black Oxidised Olives

Jam & Marmalade

The rich taste and color of the fruit as a consequence of the fruitful Greek land and sun, which form the "Greek difference", the really pure taste. As a result of this effort INTERCOMM FOODS S.A. has established for itself a reputation for reliability and continues high quality performance.

Extra confiture quality


Common quality jam


Diet marmalade (extra quality)-with fructose instead of sugar


Low calories jam (extra quality)


Sugar-free Extra quality confiture


Extra Jam For the Confectionery Industry

Canned Peach and Apricot

We are processing peach & apricots halves in 1kg tin Quality:
Choice & standard .

Peach and Apricot Compote

Compote is an exclusive product of ours, which is exported in west Europe where we have more than 30% of the market. As you will realize, compote can be described as a jam substitute that can be eaten spread on slice of bread escorting coffee, tea or milk, or as stewed fruit used in yogurt, ice-cream and the confectionery industry.

Fruit pieces in fruit puree
Fruit content: 85%
BRIX : 18-26

Available packing: Glass jars of 446gr and 370gr, tin cans of 3kgr and 5kgr.


Antipasti line of products originate from old traditional Greek recipes, containing several kinds of peppers stuffed with cheese, sundried tomatoes, and olives with cheese cubes and herbs. Deliciously packed either in plastic trays or glass jars, they are made to satisfy your gastronomic tastes. We have prepared some splendid ideas, but we have the ability and flexibility to produce a variety of tailor-made recipes upon request in any of the above mentioned packages or other of your preference.

Aseptic Fruits

Fruits Asseptically Packed
» Peach cubes 10x10, 6x6, 14x14, 15x15, 13x13.9, 16x16 length, 20x20 in solid pack or syrup
» Peach irregular pices
» Peach slices
» Apricot halves & appricot irregular pieces
» Peach variettes: Andros, Evert & Fortuna Luante
» Apricot variettes : Bebeco
» Packaging: in 20kg or 200kg aseptic bags


Flavors: Strawberry, Sour cherry, Caramel, Chocolate
Packing: Plastic bottles (250ml, 750ml, 5kgr)

Used in yogurt, ice-cream, and confectionery industry.

Research and Development

To maintain its competitive edge, INTERCOMM FOODS S.A. places great emphasis on R & D. A highly trained and experienced personnel, concentrates its efforts on developing new products with close touch with the customers of the company, enabling them to reach problems quickly and to offer novel solutions to every special needs.
Our policy clearly reflects our care for the environment preservation. We attempt to impact the environment by a biological cleaning system with excellent results all over the area and awareness of how we handle raw materials and additives.

Our Plants

Olive Factory

SORTING & SIZING PLANT: When the fermentation process is being completed into the underground tanks, the olives once more are delivered to the sorting and sizing plant in order to reach maximum level of size grading.

PITTING & STUFFING PLANT: At this stage, the fermented olives are either sliced, pitted or stuffed with several delicious stuffings as almond, garlic, pepper paste, natural red Florinis pepper, sun dried tomato, cheese, and other fillings.

OXIDATION PLANT: Here olives are transferred to an independent area into the oxidation tanks, where they gain their characteristic black colour and their distinctive sweet taste.

PASTEURISATION PLANT: olives are hygienically, packaged in either glass jars or cans.Our factory has 2 independent production lines either for glass production or cans, passing various inspection controls until their final packing destination. All pasteurised and sterilised olives have a low in salt taste that makes the olive sweeter and ready to be eaten as a fruit.

» Fruit Factory

ASEPTIC PACKING: Key factor of our continual improvement and development, in the Food Prοcessing Industry, is our up dated technological equipment which enables us not only to improve our existing products but as well to develop new ones.

The OHMIC SYSTEM process followed by our technical experts, enables us to process peach and apricot fruit pieces in bulk aseptic packs. All fruits are carefully hand-picked and delivered to our aseptic production line where :

Pits are removed -> Fruits are chopped -> Vitamic C enriched to prevent oxidation -> Cutted fruits are sterilized and stored in aseptic bags.

» Peach and apricot compote - Jam - Syrup -> production lines

Peach and apricot compote products can be characterized as jam’s substitute.
Also, in a seperated production line we are producing jams, marmelades and syrups in several flavours & packaging according to the highest quality standards.






INTERCOMM FOODS S.A. INTERCOMM aims to satisfy the customers’ needs through high quality products and services
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