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De nieuwe griek

Our restaurant has recently undergone a facelift, which Lemonia we have prepared a colorful future. This visual metamorphosis is also supported by an entirely new menu.

Hot Starters


mushrooms stuffed with Roquefort cheese and covered with Holland cheese

Puff pastry with mixture of Greek feta and spinach

Wine leaves stuffed with rice and lemon sauce
Kalamarakia Tiganita

Squid cooked in olive oil
Garides psites

Large prawns from the grill accompanied by garlic
Lamb Racks

2 racks of lamb grilled with lemon and tzatziki

Spicy meatballs in tomato sauce nice pitt
Mithia tiganita

Baked mussels in cream sauce

snails in garlic butter
Garides saganaki

Fried shrimp in garlic oil with vegetables
Pikilia Crete

Combination of different cold and hot starters


Domato soepa

Tomato soup made of fresh vegetables and beef
Gorto soepa

Vegetable soup made from fresh fruit
Boejabessa soepa

Traditional fish soup consisting of various fruit and fish
Kremidia soepa

Traditional Greek onion soup

Cold Starters


Drained yogurt with grated cucumber and garlic

Greek olives and peppers mixed with feta

Marinated beef on rocket, parmesan cheese and pine nuts
Choriatikia salata

Greek farmer salad with feta and olives

Red salmon salad with smoked salmon
Tono salata

Tuna salad with tomato, cucumber and olives
Garides cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail Holland garnalenmet of a fine Greek cocktail sauce and apple
Psari tòursi

Salad of various marine animals


Fried Sole (± 500 grams)

Tuna Steak served with garlic sauce
Mix zeus

Fried fish served in delicious sauce
Garides psites

Peeled prawns from the grill served with garlic sauce or whiskey sauce

Grilled salmon served with garlic file

2 trout with steamed vegetables in hot garlic oil
Mix Corfu

2 Fried slip soles served with garlic sauce
Mix samos

Salmon File, 1 skewer served with garlic prawns, swordfish and tuna steak file
Main courses

Grill & Steaks


250 grams of delicious grilled steak served with herb butter
Sirloin steak

Grilled sirloin with herb butter
T-bone steak

Grilled T-bone steak (± 500g) with herb butter
Mix Athens

Grilled prawns, lamb and beef tenderloin served with tzatzikisaus
Ouzo dish

Beef filet on the grill served with pepper sauce

Grilled pork with fried mushrooms served with tzatzikisaus

Specialties of the Greek


Ox and pork prepared with feta cheese and cream sauce in Metaxa

Pieces of the rotary grill pork roast with herbs, onions served with tzatzikisaus

Spicy minced drives and served with spicy red sauce tzatzikisaus
Crete Souvlaki

Two spiced pork skewers with peppers, onions, mushroom sauce served with tzatzikisaus

Grilled rack of lamb served with giros tzatzikisaus

Grilled chicken served with mushroom sauce
Mix Acropolis

Spies pork, lamb rack, served with chicken and giros tzatzikisaus
Mix Thassos

Giros with grilled chicken breast served with tzatzikisaus
Olympia Mix

2 Biftekia filled with feta cheese and served with giros tzatzikisaus
Sirtaki Mix

Grilled beef tenderloin served with giros with tzatzikisaus

Mix of ox, pork, lamb fillet on skewer with peppers, onions and mushroom sauce served with tzatzikisaus
Kreta dish

Beef tenderloin, pork kebab, biftekia, chicken breast and served with giros tzatzikisaus

Dishes from 2 people

Nexos Mix (from 2 persons)

Varied fish dish prepared by our chef
Neptunes Mix

Varied fish-meat dish prepared by our chef
Mix Parthenon

Lamb Racks, biftekia filled with feta cheese, chicken, and giros
Mix Crete

Beef tenderloin, pork skewers, chicken, and biftekia giros

Oven Dishes


Traditional dish of eggplant, potatoes, beef and béchamel sauce
Arni Riganato

Lamb Shoulder served in oregano sauce

Delicious beef stew with shallots in red wine sauce

Vegetarian dishes

Mousaka fito vaia

Traditional dish of eggplant, potato and béchamel fine
Fito vaia

Varied vegetarian dish




Rice in fine red sauce
Patates strongli

Baked Potatoes

Garlic Sauce
Maittaria salsa

Mushrooms Sauce
Tomato salsa

Spicy tomato sauce

Fried mushrooms


Diana Dish

Souvlaki and giros with fries fries and fruit salad and apple sauce
Stefan Dish

Giros and fries fries and fruit salad and apple sauce
Linda Dish

Biftekia and giros with fries fries and fruit salad and apple sauce
Sara Dish

Grilled chicken with fries fries and fruit salad and apple sauce
Gabriel Dish

Grilled beef tenderloin with potato chips and fruit salad and apple sauce


Baklava me pagoto

Greek pie with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream

Fresh exotic fruits with whipped cream and cherry sauce
Sorbet trio

Cakes in the flavors twisted raspberry, cherry and strawberry sorbet with fruit and whipped cream
Dame Blanche

Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Chocolate Fantasy

Different types of luxury chocolates
Truffle Temptation

Finished with truffle ice cream cakes of cinnamon and giandujasaus
Banana Royale

Banaa Nijs with banana, warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Kerassi Pagoto

Vanilla ice cream with warm cherries, cherry sauce and whipped cream
Fraules me pagoto

Vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream
Fraules me Giaoerti

Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce

Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey

Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a surprise baby
Champagne dessert

Chapeau of white chocolate ice cream with real champagne
Cheese platter

3 different types of cheese with mustard-dill sauce


Limo Service

For 15, - per person you will be picked with a beautiful limousine including a delicious glass of champagne and of course at the end of the evening brought back home by taxi (from 4 to 8 persons in Almelo. Outside Almelo, prices on request).
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Grieks Specialiteitenrestaurant Lemonia De nieuwe griek
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