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Gainjet Aviation is a Private Charter Operator and Management Company with its headquarters based in Athens, Greece, and a sales office based in the United Kingdom.

Our fleet consists of one Boeing 757 executive airliner, one long-range luxury VIP Boeing MD-83, one ultra long-range G550 and seven medium-range Gulfstream G200.

We hold a worldwide EU-OPS-1 (AOC) and we strictly comply with the safety and security rules laid down by JAA and EASA.

Our executive aircraft service offers a broad range of flexible terms for governments, corporate and individual charter. A leading team of professionals will ensure that your journey requirements are met with the highest standards of passenger care, safety and security.

Aircraft Charter

Gainjet is a leading European operator for commercial charter services with an exceptional experience for providing VIP travel services to customers around the world. Whether your requirement is regional or cross-continents, Gainjet can arrange your travel with convenience to airports anywhere in the world.

Why choose Gainjet Charter services:

  1. Competitive quotations at short notice.
  2. Legally authorized to fly for commercial charter operation throughout your journey no matter how many intended stops are required.
  3. Short and long-range capable aircrafts equipped with the highest standards of luxury.
  4. Our aircrafts are approved for JAR-OPS-1 commercial operation.
  5. Highly trained crew-members that will ensure your safety, security and passenger care.
  6. Gainjet has prior arrangement with handling and fuelling companies in many airports to ensure your journey speed and convenience.

Sales & Management

A top-rank management service administered by highly experienced team of professionals and creative thinkers who work to raise visibility of our client’s aircraft and increase market advantage. Our approach is shaped to cope with today’s global demands and market trends. We have the expertise to position our client's aircraft in the right marketplace and maximize return on investment.

Gainjet More aircraft..more choise
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