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You can't miss us!

Located between Acropolis and Hadrian's Gate on the most beautiful pedestrian road of Athens, Fresko Yogurt Bar is hard to miss. We are a moments walk from the new Acropolis Museum, the Akropoli Metro Station, and Plaka.

Everything we offer is carefully chosen from the finest raw materials and local producers to ensure an exceptional experience for our customers with every visit. All-natural Greek Yogurt, handmade Spoon Sweets, biological Honeys and refreshing Yogurt Smoothies are a few of our most popular favorites. Looking for something else? We also offer many more fresh and healthy products. Just ask.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is one of the world's most premium yogurts.

Thick, rich, healthy, it has a unique, wonderful taste. A visit to Fresko Yogurt Bar will definitely convince you.


Fresko Spoon Sweets

Spoon sweets, are a timeless Greek tradition and still prominent today in most Greek homes.

Where does the name come from? They are traditionally served in a spoon-sized portion and eaten with a spoon.


Fresko Honeys

Our fragrant honeys each have their own rich and distinct flavors.

They are unique products, rich in nutrients, and flavor.



When the weather is hot, what could be more refreshing than a Fresko Yogurt Bar Smoothie? The flavor combinations are endless!

Choose between of our crunchy Quince Spoon Sweet, fresh juicy Strawberries, delicious Fig Spoon Sweet, or your own combination of our many ingredients to create a refreshing smoothie that you will want to enjoy again and again!


It all started as a stroll in the historical center of Athens, at the foothills of Acropolis. As we were looking for typical, authentic and traditional places, we realized there were a few things missing. The all-time classic Greek Yogurt with Spoon Sweets was definitely one of them. Especially when you want to take it with you and walk around the most beautiful pedestrian road of Athens, Dionisiou Areopagitou. So we said, “Why don’t we do that?”

We wanted our concept to be rooted in the timeless traditions yet be approachable, contemporary, and full of the authentic Greek experience and spirit. We also wanted to avoid the clich├ęs of typical tourist areas and offer outstanding products and service both for Greeks and for those visiting Greece. It became obvious, we had to create a brand that would be Authentic, Gourmet and ... Crazy. All three at once!

Authentic because we wanted to respect the timeless Greek traditional recipes. We couldn't be the first Greek yogurt bar without being authentic. We searched throughout Greece to find the finest ingredients: smooth and creamy Yogurt, Spoon Sweets like those that mothers are still making in their home, and Honeys that are sweet and delicate.

Gourmet because there are innumerable yogurt combinations beyond the classic ones. And the classic ones would have to be phenomenal. So we let our imagination free and this is how we came up with the refreshing Yogurt Smoothies with Mandarin and Chocolate chips, the tasteful Greek Sheep Yogurt topped with Fir Honey and Hazelnut, the Light Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries and Sliced Almonds, and many more combinations.

Crazy because you cannot represent Greece without having the Greek spirit! We want our customers to leave with a smile on their faces because they have spent a few minutes in a place that shows the best of Greece! A place full of smiles and people who are proud of what they do, passionate about every yogurt they prepare, and offering to you only the best products they can find. The Fresko Yogurt Bar!

We hope to meet you soon in our store and to have the opportunity to share with you our passion: yogurt at its best!


Greek Yogurt: one of the best things you can eat!

Yogurt is more than just a delicious snack. According to health experts, yogurt as part of a balanced diet is believed to promote health, longevity, and immunity.

Yogurt helps your digestion, since it contains ‘active cultures’. One cup of yogurt every day is enough to keep your digest system working properly.
Yogurt has both calcium and vitamin D that help to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
Yogurt helps boost your immune system, specifically the 70% of your immune system that lies within your small intestine.
Yogurt is the ideal balanced snack for those that are exercising regularly or following a low-fat or high-protein diet in order to lose weight.
Yogurt is a helpful snack for people who are moderately lactose intolerant, since most lactose intollerant people can digest active yogurt cultures without a problem (especially the traditional Greek Yogurt flavor). When milk is transformed into yogurt the lactose is transformed into lactic acids, which means your body doesn’t have to process the sugars in the same form as they were in the original milk.

Greek vs. "Regular" Yogurt?

Compared to a "regular" yogurt, Greek yogurt has about twice the protein, half the sodium, half the carbohydrates, less lactose, and a more concentrated source of pro-biotics. However, the "regular" yogurt often does contain more calcium.

What about those other "yogurts"?

Not all yogurts are the same. When buying yogurt yourself try to find "non-pasteurized" ones like we use since the pasteurizing process kills most of the active cultures in yogurt, minimizing the health benefits of active yogurt culture.

Frozen yogurt can be confusing. Some recipes contain active yogurt culture but usually no more than 10% of what is in real fresh yogurt. Frozen yogurt can be made from yogurt but often it is not and the fermentation process is bypassed. Invented and popularized in the United States in the late 1970s, frozen yogurt can include many other ingredients: sweeteners (artificial chemicals help keep calorie counts down), added milk fat (fat substitutes can allow for non-fat and low-fat varieties), coloring, flavorings, and additives to keep the texture creamy and the melting-point high, fillers, gelatins, gums, starches, and stabilizers. Often, frozen yogurt mix sits in a bag as a powder until ready to serve. Then the powder is fed through air- and water-injecting freezing machines. The freezing process can also kill off some active yogurt culture if present. Confused? You just have to ask when you see frozen yogurt to know what you are actually getting.

Spoon Sweets: an all-natural traditional recipe

Our spoon sweets are all made with 100% natural ingredients. No additives, fructose, or coloring are ever added to our spoon sweets. This ensures their addictive and delicious lasting taste.

Spoon sweets such as cherries, plum, quince, grape, and fig are being prepared at the time of the year that the fruits are ripe and at their peak, so as to capture the aromas and the freshness of the fruits. However in order to be transformed into spoon sweets, other the fruits have to be cooked slightly early in the season so they are firmer and are able to withstand the boiling process.

The main difference between the spoon sweets and the marmalades is that the spoon sweet fruits keep their shape, color, and aroma since the only ingredients that are being used are sugar and lemon juice. The recipe for each fruit is different, each with their own time-consuming preparation requirements and cooking processes. We keep our cooking times to a minimum so that the flavors, colors, and nutrients are preserved as much as possible.

Honeys: traditional processes with nothing added

Honey, a natural product with a sweet taste, is produced by bees from flower nectar. The various types of honey differ according to the variety of plants or trees from which the bees gather their nectar or honeydew. This can originate from a single type of plant or tree or a mixture of plants and trees as found in "regional blends".

The sugar content of honey is absorbed quickly, so honey is a quick source of energy for the body, especially for athletes, children, pregnant women, and those with health concerns. Honey also has mineral nutrients which play an important role in maintaining one's metabolism, benefiting bones and cells, boosting endocrine systems, and adjusting stomach acidity.

Honey also has antiseptic properties. It is a stimulant, increases the rate of heart function, reduces stomach ulcer symptoms, and generally contributes to the smooth functioning of the human body. The consumption of honey helps in faster recovery of health in cases of anemia due to iron content. Additionally, honey significantly speeds up the metabolism of alcohol. It has also historically been used for aiding in healing, cleansing, and disinfection of wounds.


Fresko Yogurt Bar You can't miss us!
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