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Our experienced, multinational staff of Flavorists, Chemists, Microbiologists, Food Scientists and Engineers combine our region's diversity of ingredients and cuisines with modern food technology to develop truly exquisite flavors of the highest quality.

Οriginally we made tailor-made tastes for Greek customers, basically replacing imported seasonings with our own, lower cost versions. In most cases we not only matched but actually improved on the target product, bringing it more in line with our customer's taste expectations. Now we have an extensive range of standard products as well as continuing to tailor-make formulations to each customer's needs.
We ship anywhere from 100 kilograms to multiple container loads.
Our offices are in Kalamaki - on the Athens water front. Our plants are in Glyca Nera, northeast of Athens.
Greece offers both historically and geographically an unparallelled fusion of food cultures. Here Asia and Africa meet Europe. Classic recipes described by Aristophanes evolved through Roman extragavance to Byzantine elegance. Persians, Arabs, Ottomans, Venetians, Genoese, Egyptians, Armenians and Slavs have all contributed significantly to Greek cuisine. And more recently tourists and Greek restaurants from America and Western Europe have helped modernize our culinary experience.
Biotrek is the center of a region, from Moldavia to Ethiopia, that offers an amazing wealth of important flavor ingredients. This has given us a significant cost and freshness advantage with certain raw materials.



Cyprus, Russia, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, FYROM, Saudi Arabia, Jordan


P r o d u c t s





for SAUSAGES & CURED MEATS (Allantois)







for CUISINE & CATERING (Foodservice)






Food flavors :

In local stock

Almond Cucumber Panacotta Milk
Amaretto Cumin Panetone
Apple Curry Paprika
Apricot Dill Seed Parmesan
Bacon Egg Pastrami
Banana Egg Yolk Pasturma
Barbeque Emmental Peach
Basil Exotic Fruits Peanut
Bay Leaf Fennel Pear
Beef Boiled Feta Cheese Peppermint
Beef Juicy Fish Boiled Pepperoni
Beef Roast Fish Roe Pickle
Bell Pepper Green Frankfurter Pineapple
Bell Pepper Red Fruit of the Forest Pistachio
Bergamot Garden Mint Pizza Margarita
Biftek Garlic Plum
Bitter Almond Garlic Oil Popcorn
Bitter Orange Genoa Salami Pork Roast
Black Pepper Ginger Potato
Blue Cheese Gouda Prosciutto
Bologna Grape Quattro Formaggio
Bouillabaisse Grapefruit Raisin Rum
Brandy Grilled Meat Raspberry
Burnt Sugar Gruyere Cheese Rose
Butter Rum Ham Rosemary
Butter Salted Hamburger Rum
Butter Sheep’s White Hard Cheese Sausage Boiled
Butter Sweet Hazelnut Savory ( Herb )
Buttermilk Honey Sesame
Caramel Sauce Horseradish Shrimp
Caraway Seed Jambon Smoke
Carbonara Sauce Juniper Berry Sour Cream
Cardamom Ketchup Soy Sauce
Cascaval Cheese Kirsch Cherry Spearmint
Cassis Kiwi Spinach Pie
Celery Lemon Steak
Cheddar Lemon Juice Strawberry
Cherry Lemon Peel Sugar
Cherry Juice Lime Tabasco
Cherry Sour Liver Taco
Cherry White Lobster Tamari
Chicken Boiled Mandarin Tangerine
Chicken Roast Mango Tarragon
Chili Maple Thyme
Chocolate Marjoram Toffee
Chocolate Bitter Mastic Tomato
Chocolate Milk Meatball Tropical Fruits
Chocolate White Melon Tuna Fish
Cinnamon Milk Turmeric
Clam Mocca Tutti Frutti
Clove Mortadella Tzatziki
Cocoa Mushroom Vanilla
Coconut Mustard Vanilla Cream
Coffee Nutmeg Vanillin
Cognac Nana Mint Vegetable
Cola Oil Cheese (Ladotyri) Vinegar
Coleslaw Olive Oil Walnut
Coriander Onion Whipped Cream
Country Sausage Orange Whiskey
Crab Orange Juice White Pepper
Cream Cheese Orange Peel Wine Red
Cream Dairy Oregano Wine White
Cretan Herbed Ham Ouzo Woodberry

Yeast Dough


We have an extensive range of standard products as well as continuing to tailor-make formulations to each customer's needs.



Grilled Meat




Beef (& Onion)

Chili & Lemon

Ham (and Cheese)

Blue Cheese

Cinnamon Raisin




Honey Mustard



Hungarian Paprika

Cheddar Cheese

Fines Herbes


Cheddar & Jalapeno



Cheese Cascaval

Green Onion

Cheese Feta Honey Mustard Nacho
Cheese & Onion Lemon Spanakopitta

No Salt Added




Salt & Vinegar

Spicey Sausage


Savory Salt

Spinach & Herbs


Spring Onion

Parmesan & Pepper

Shrimp Cocktail



Smoky Barbecue

Tomato Basil


Sour Cream & Onion



Sour Cream & Chive




Worcester Sauce


Biotrek continuously invests into helping its customers stay on top, by being quicker and smarter with their market introductions and sharper in their costs.

Is possible when our customer supplies us with samples of the flavor target or of the finished product target + their unflavored base.

Not only match but actually can improve on the targeted product, bringing it more in the line with our customer's taste expectations.

A chosen flavor can be reserved if our customer requests so.



NOSTI MEAT FLAVOUR: Basic red meat flavour (beef,pork,lamb) Natural aroma for use where meat is replaced with substitutes with a lower flavour profile.Does not contain MSG,or spices.

NOSTI GRILL: Red meat flavour .This is not a spice,but a natural grilled meat flavour.It can be used in burgers,pastes,or as a seasoning on raw meat.

NOSTI GRILL EXTRA: A slight variation of the above,with a stronger grilled character,and a heavier meat flavour.


NOSTI THRAKAS II: A delicate but stronger flavour of charcoal grilled meat.


NOSTI SAUTE: A sauted or smoked meat flavour.For manufactured burgers and other minced meat products.


NOSTI ROAST: Red meat flavour roasted in oven (e.g roast beef,baked pork etc...).


NOSTI GOOD BURGER: A very popular grilled hamburger flavour. Beef flavoured with mild spice aromas.Very popular in Greek fast food restaurants.


NOSTI BEEF BURGER: A rich beef flavour for American type grilled hamburgers.Contains MSG,and the characteristic American seasonings,combined with natural flavours.


GREEK MEATBALL SEASONING + F: Seasoning with 100% spices and MSG.Without onion.Classic Greek combination.For use with Nosti.

HAMBURGER SEASONING + F: Seasoning with 100% spices and MSG.Genuine Western characteristics.For use with Nosti.

NOSTI CHEESE MEATBALL: Creates a plain special cheese meatball.It is a cheese powder combined with natural flavour components, to give a cheese flavour in a mince.Does not contain seasoning,nor MSG.


Seasonings for tomato sauces

KAR/MA Ketchup K021+Kr: For a well-balanced classic ketchup appropriate for hamburger, french fries and fast-food in general.

KAR/MA Ketchup Greek 002781: For a warm and aromatic ketchup inspired from spices.

KAR/MA Ketchup K022+Kr: For a light and well balanced american type ketchup with sweet celery.


KAR/MA Ketchup K024+Kr: For a light and well balanced american type ketchup with sweet celery.


KAR/MA Ketchup K025+Kr: For a very aromatic ketchup with a strong cinnamon and clove flavor.


KAR/MA Ketchup K026+Kr: For a German type ketchupp characterizes by its strong clove flavor.


KAR/MA Ketchup K029+Kr: A nice and slightly spicy combination, with hidden herbal notes.


KAR/MA Ketchup Pizza Z114: For a very pleasant ketchup specialized for pizza toppings.


KAR/MA Sauce Classico 101: A blend of spices for a delicious Napolitan sauce.

KAR/MA BBQ Smokey 104: For authentic barbecue sauces with a very nice smoke flavor and taste.


KAR/MA Suace Classico : Very good for a Napolitan sauce for spaghetti, enriched with fresh vegetable notes together with a spicy flavor.

KAR/MA Pizza Z114: For an economic and easy to make pizza sauce with a successful combination of spice and vegetable flavors.


REDY CHEF: Complete economical mix for easy and quick production of Chef salad dressings.Prepared with REDY MIX, water,vinegar and oil.Has red (shrimp cocktail colour).
REDY FRENCH: For original French Dressing with chestnut colour.
WHISKEY EVAROM: For the French Cocktail sauce.
SAUCE: For 1000 Island and Russian dressing with Orange Pink colour.
REDY BLUE CHEESE + F101: For blue cheese dressing,with delicate flavour, and thick viscosity.

REDY ROQUEFORT: For Roquefort sauce with the rich flavour of French cheese.

REDY ITALIAN: For a rich vinaigrette dressing,with pieces of garlic,carrot,and peppers.


REDY RANCH: American spicy flavour with buttermilk.Contains milk powder,just add water.White to yellowish colour.


REDY COLESLAW: Semisweet dressing for salads with cabbage, carrots etc. Popular American recipe.


NOSTI CAESAR: Added to mayonnaise to prepare a Caesars dresssing.



CARAGEENAN L-100: The No 1 Carageenan in the world for ice cream applications from GENU DENMARK. This product gives a rich velvety texture and prevents whey separation in ice cream products.

PAGOCREAM 036: Stabilizer / emulsifier for application in hard ice cream with 3-6% fat content. Use level 0.5%

PAGOCREAM SOFT 200: For soft ice cream which is manufactured with heat processing.


MASTIC EVAROM: For traditional Near Eastern ice cream.


VANILLA EVAROM 692901: Vanilla Cream - Classic Flavour.


STRAWBERRY STRONG EVAROM 522901: Flavour of ripe fresh strawberries. Strong, with sweet characteristics.


NEOVANIL: An econimic 100% natural Vanilla flavour.


FRUCTOSE: Lowers the melting point of ice cream, normal used in combination with dextrose.


ASPARTAME: Sweetener substitute - 200 times sweeter than sugar.

ANDY EGG YOLK: A complete replacement for powdered egg yolk. It is a low cost substitute.


BEET 0.5% LW: Liquid pink colourant - Strawberry.

GUAR GUM: Viscosity 3000 - 4000 cps 100 Mesh.

NOSTI YOGHURT: A yoghurt flavour for «yoghurt» ice creams.

STABI GRANITA 002: For a tender eating product with good overrun.

CMC 7H4XF: The No 1 carboxymethylcellulose in the world for ice cream. It gives high viscosity (3000-4000 cps).



Biotrek makes seasonings and flavors for:

Potato Crisps
Extruded Snacks & Pellets
Bagel Chips
Filling Creams for Croissant,Magdalena & Sandwich Crackers
Coated Nuts
Sheeted Snacks
Tortilla Chips

Bread Sticks, Puff Pastry Sticks, Pretzels


Baked Goods (savory in-the-dough or on-the-dough) & Specialty Breads


Crackers, Savory Cookies (koulouria) & Traditional Baked Snacks


Traditional Baked Snacks


Fruit Chips & Trail Mixes


Quick Soups, Instant Noodle or Rice Meals


Fillings for Cheesepies, Pittes, Borek, and Pasta Dips & Salsa




East Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Tastes.


American style flavors: New York, Texas, Mexican, Carribean, Latin


Other Regional specialties:
English, Indian, Asia-Pacific, East European, Balkan, Italian, Spanish, e.t.c.




1.CARAGEENAN MB71F: To retain water in meat products,and prevent synerisis in vacuum packs.Gives good sliceability and a longer shelf life. Main application areas:Bacon,ham,sliced salamis,polonies and processed meats.

2.CARAGEENAN MBΔ 711F: As above giving a slightly more elastic texture at a lower cost.

3.FIRMTEX STARCH: Modified waxy maize starch, replaces potato starch which is not resistant to breakdown.Used in meat products to aid in water binding, prevent synerisis,and extend shelf life.Can be injected into hams to hold extra moisture.Main applications:Hams,frankfurters.


4.HRISOY C4N: Known in supermarkets as Soya Mince.Makes meat products more tender with lower cooking losses. Main applications:Hamburgers,meat patties,fresh sausage,spaghetti mince,and moussaka.

5.HRISOY C4B: Darker than Hrisoy with the colour of roasted meat.

6.PIKASOY: Soya grits.Main applications:Tarama for taramosalata where it has the same texture as fish roe,cheap hamburgers,soya breads,Hi fibre breads.

7.VIOSOY 70: Defatted soya flour with great emulsification and water binding properties.54% protein,replaces milk and eggs with much lower costs.

8.PROTOSOY P: Soya Isolate,which emulsifies like Casein,but has stronger gelling properties,and a higher viscosity.Main applications:Minced and pasted meat products.

9.PROTOSOY S: Soya Isolate for brines.It is injectable,and is absorbed by the meat in the tumbling tank.Main applications:meat pieces,poultry products, prawns.

10.VELTOSOY HV: Soya protein concentrate with 70% protein.A functionproduct,similar to PROTOSOY P gives similar viscosity,gel strength and emulsification characteristics,but is more economical.Does not have such a clean flavour.Does not need prehydration.

11.VELTOSOY 65 HV: More economical (but not weaker) replacer of above.

12.VELTOSOY A-F: Concentrated soya protein (70 %) with a low viscosity.Ideal for skin emulsions.

13.PSIHOTRIM: Dried Yeastless Rusk.Holds 3 times its weight in water,remaining loose and tender.Microbiologically clean,and white with no burn marks. Main applications:Hamburgers,meatballs,taramosalata,fresh sausage.

14.BREADCRUMBS: For breading and coating,clean and white with no burn. Main applications:schnitzel,croquettes,fish fingers,fritters.

15.VEPRO 95BH: Red brown colouring from blood.A small quantity (0.5%) strengthens the colour of meat products.

16.EGG BATTER: Dissolved in water this product becomes a paste which sticks onto the meat and holds coating crumbs.Cheaper and more cost effective tha milk,eggs etc..Main applications:schnitzel,battered chickens etc..

17.SCHNITZEL BATTER: When fried,it sticks onto the product and does not fall off.Mainly for mince and other fatty products.

18.BEET COLOUR: Rose red colourant for hamburgers,sausage,meat pastes etc

19.LIQUID SMOKE: Natural smoke used in meat pastes,for injection,or spray. Main applications:frankfurters,smoked fish,hams etc.

20.ONION POWDER USA: Onion powder with fresh taste.

21.NOSTI: Meat flavours.Not spices but flavours of Beef,Pork,Poultry,Prawns etc with many variations.

22.BEEF PROTEIN: Makes a 1:10:10 hot emulsion with excellent bite,replacing lean meat 1 : 4.5

23.STABI PORK NUGGET + F: Excellent water binding for meats cooked normally.i.e.souvlaki,schnitzel.





1.ULTRATEX 3: High performance cold water swelling tapioca based Modified tarch.Makes plain yoghurt thick and strained without cooking Can be added to any salad which has separated water after processing.

2.CMC 7HOF: Carboxymethylcellulose 2800 cps.Especially for acid foodstuffs. Stabilises emulsions,thickens,aerateable,replaces xanthan gum at 1/3 of its price.

3.PSIHOTRIM: Dehydrated breadcrumb (without crust).Holds more water, while remaining loose and crumbly. For traditional taramosalata,garlic sauce etc...


4.TARASOY: Mixture of Soya protein(grits and precooked flour),suitable for Binding in taramosalata(fish roe salad).

5.PLIROSOY D40: Soya flour with fat and lecithin for water and oil binding in pulpy salads.(ie aubergine salad,garlic sauce etc..)

6.HRISOY 70S8N flake: Hydrated in tuna brine,contributes to weight of tuna flakes in tuna salad.

7.HRISOY C410 ‘strip’: When boiled in chicken stock,they take the appearance of chicken pieces in Chicken salad.

8.NOSTI BOILED CHICKEN: Gives a boiled chicken flavour.

9.DILL TOPS: Ripe green colour and delicate fresh flavour.

10.GARLIC DEHYDRATED X (GRANULATE): Finely cut garlic from California.

11.ONION POWDER USA: American quality,slightly sweet and white.

12.ONION FLAKE FINE 7012 USA: Finely cut.

13.ONION FLAKE COARSE 7001: Coarser cut.

14.CHEDDAR CHEESE P EXTENDED B: White coloured cheese powder.

15.NOSTI ROQFORT: Powdered cheese with balanced flavour.

16.FROMAG FETA 101: Powdered feta substitute with vegetable fats,and feta flavour.

17.MILK ACID 7%: Enhances the taste of yoghurt and cheese.

18.NOSTI TOAST HAM + SP: Water soluble ham flavoured powder.

19.NOSTI BACON: Water soluble bacon flavoured powder.

20.NOSTI MUSHROOM: Water soluble mushroom flavoured powder.Very popular.

21.IQUID SMOKE C-10: For smoked aubergine and cheese salads.

22.GOUDA FLAVOUR: Basic Cheese powder with gouda characteristics.




1.STABI CROQUETTE: To prevent croquettes,pastries and pies from breakingup,bursting, or boiling out.Does not gel or leach water as traditional corn starches and flour.Hi Tech at low cost.

applications, cusines & catering

2.STABI TOMATO SAUCE- Z401: Thickens and binds sauces and soups,gravies and other savoury type sauces which are cooked,and held in a bain marie for extented priods.Freeze thaw stable without creating gels or losing water,allows larger batches to be prepared and frozen for indefinite periods.


3.STABI MEAT SAUCE: Binds hot or cold manufactured sauces,simply by stirring in.Gives excellent body and mouthfeel.

4.TOPPING FOR SANDWICH MIX 201: Easy and economical cream for snacks.

5.MOUSSE FOR SANDWICH MIX: An easy and economical filling for savouries,small pies,and tarts.

6.BESSY MIX -N: A complete mix for Greek style Bechamel sauce.Cold instant mix.

7.REDY SAUCE 101: Very popular Mexican style sauce.

8.REDY KETSUP 101: For cold manufactured Ketsup.Easy,economical with excellent quality and flavour profile.

9.REDY PIZZA SAUCE: For a sauce which does not cause soggy dough bottoms.Cold process.

10.THERMOGEL 20: For a guaranteed Aspic,which does not melt at ambient temperatures.Clear gel for sweets,and savouries.

11.STABI MAYONNAISE 614: Easy to manufacture,and guaranteed stability under kitchen conditions.Very economical for cold processing.

12.REDY ALA CREAM: Economical,easy and stable cream sauce.

13.CHEESE FOR POTATO MIX: Easy economical sauce with a rich cheesy flavour.

14.KEFALITO: Replacement substitute for Kefalito cheese for pastries,pies croquettes etc...

15.HRISOY M: Soya mince with roast meat colour.Makes minced meat fluffier and more cost effective.Gives looser texture to minced meats.Economical and healthy.

16.HRISOY C12: Fine snitchel slices,for vegetarian,or original soya snack foods.Available as Kebab,Fillet,or mince f or gyro.

17.PSIHOTRIM DYR: Fine ground dried bread crumbs specially manufactured for meat balls,hamburgers and sausage with loose texture.Also ideal for applications where high quality bread crumbs are required to have a light colour with no burnt flavours.

18.CRUMB COATING 021A: White crumb coating for crispy battered products. Main applications:chicken nuggets,snitzchel snack products.

19.EGG BATTER: Complete traditional batter mix for coated products,without the traditional problems.

20.SNITZCHEL BATTER: For production difficulties where the coating delaminates cracks becomes soggy or creates problems.The batter range includes:soft batter,thin batter, elastic batter and various custom designed batters

21.CHICKEN COATING: For fillets,or wings,it creates its own sauce.Available in 3 main flavours,BBQ,Teryaki and Monastiri,Also available in sweet mustard,Roquefort and sweet curry.

22.STABI BEEF MINCE + FC: Helps mince retain its flavours and juices,and to become softer and tastier.

23.SWEETFLAVOURS: Caramel,butter, nuts, srawberry, pineapple, apricot, chocolate,wild berry.

24.SAVOURY FLAVOURS: Chicken,beef,mushroom,bacon,feta and many more.

25.NEOVANILLIN: Natural aroma which replaces vanillin on a 1:1 basis (substitute flavour).

26.ASPARTAME: Sweetner substitute 200 times sweeter than sugar.



1.CARAGEENAN K - 100: For chocolate milk drinks.The No 1 carageenan in the world to prevent cocoa separation.

2.CARAGEENAN L - 100: For ice cream.An essential ingredient in a stabilized ice cream.Used at less than 1%,it aids the main stabilizer. (LBG,Guar,CMC,Alginate).

3.COLFLO 67 STARCH: For ice cream syrup coatings,and various prepared desserts.(creams,puddings,yoghurts).


4.INSTANT CLEARJEL STARCH: For instant thickening without heat. Pregelatinized version of Colflo 67.

5.N-OIL STARCH: For ice creams with 0% fat.A solution of 25% N-Oil in water gives a direct fat replacer with a rich creamy mouthfeel.

6.PURITY MILK STARCH: For thick dairy products.A more specialized product for application in the dairy industry.

7.PROTOSOY P 660: Clean soya protein for soya milks,cheeses,soya cheese (Tofu),and soya ice creams (Tofutti).

8.CARAGEENAN LR11 to LR71: Various types to achieve the mouthfeel required in dairy or cream desserts,from vla(custard) to flan.For filling temperatures 10% - 80%.






P e o p l e

The Biotrek Customer Support Team:
John Lewis, M.Sc.( Food Chemistry ), General Manager, Snack & Health Food Sales.

Dimitris Pateras, Ph.D.( Food Engineering ), Operations Manager, Fruit & Beverage Sales.

Nikos Korbis, M.S.C.( Chemistry ), Technical Sales Manager, Multinationals & Dairy Sales.

Jordan Smyrnis, B.S.( Physics ), Meat Industry Sales, Protein Sales.

Marianna Kotronaki, B.S. ( Chemical Engineering ) Non – Food Industry Sales, Adhesives Sales.

Haralabos Angelopoulos, Chef, Food Service, Ready Meals & Frozen Food Industry Sales.

Jason Sexton, B.A.( Marketing ), Bakery Industry Sales, Hydrocolloid Sales.

Evi Tsamasli, Ice Cream & Confectionery Industry Sales, Flavor Sales.

Daniela Ioneva, Samples & Ready Mades, Bulgarian Market.

Ioanna Dimopoulou, B.A. ( International Affairs ), Agency Manager, Nutritional Ingredient Sales.

Evita Sana, Customer Service.

Martha Drakopoulou, B.S. ( Food Technology ), Technical Customer Service.

Daniela Ioneva, Samples & Ready Mades.

Georgia Livaniou, B.S. ( Food Technology ), Quality Assurance Manager.

Ioanna Simeli, B.S. ( Chemistry ), Quality Control.

Vivian Papastamouli, B.A. ( Drama ), Purchasing, Traffic & Sourcing.

Voula Aslanidou, Chemical Technician R & D Lab Manager.

Eleni Pana, M.Sc. ( Chemistry ), Flavor Lab Manager.

Cristina Safta, M. S. ( Food Technology ), Applications Lab Manager.

Eirini Lewis, D.D.S., Financial Services.

Katerina Karzi, B.A. ( Business ), Pricing, Export Customer Service.

Betty Sfakianaki, Customer Service & Order Processing.

Robby Pestimatzian, Collection Service.

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