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" Bringing good taste to the world "

TOTTIS GROUP OF COMPANIES is one of the most successful organizations in the Greek market, playing a leading role in the production and trading of pre-packed snacks.

The GROUP’s presence of over 40 years has been proven to be a rather dynamic and successful one, ensuring an even more promising and dynamic future.

BINGO S.A. is located in Geraka Attikis, covering an area of 17.708 square meters out of which 6.500 square meters are the warehouses and the factory premises. More specifically within this area there are the wafer production facility, the management offices, as well as the warehouse and distribution premises.

BINGO S.A. is the GROUP’s distribution company and at the same time produces chocolate and non chocolate wafers and wafer rolls. The company has an annual capacity of 6.000 tons. In addition the company has a carefully staffed R&D and quality control department.

Since the 70’s until today, the company has been a pioneer in the Greek market. Among it’s best known brands are SERENATA, AMARETTI, KOUKOUROUKOU wafers, which are for more than 35 years are dominant brands in Greek wafer market.

The prompt delivery of all products in every corner of Greece is supported by 4 centralized warehouses and distribution centers in the following areas:

  • Athens: Covering the area of central Greece and the Islands.
  • Thessaloniki: Covering the area of Northern Greece.
  • Agrinio: Covering the area of Northwestern Greece.
  • Crete: Covering the area of the Crete Island.

The GROUP’s export activity represents 20% of it’s annual turn over.

The Tottis Group, over the past few years has supplied different export destinations such as:

  • Various EU Countries
  • U.S.A.
  • Former Eastern Countries
  • North Africe
  • Arabic Countries
  • Middle East Countries
  • Australia

BINGO S.A. employs 250 people out of which 100 people as workers and 150 people as administrative personnel.

TOTTIS FOODS S.A. was founded in 1984.

The company is located in the Industrial zone of Florina, covering 25.000 square meters.

With state of the art production facilities has the ability to produce the following product lines:

• Croissant, with annual production capacity of 3.500.000 pieces.
• Bread Snacks, with annual production capacity of 8.000 tones.
• Potato chips, with production capacity of 0,5 tones per hour.
• Extruded, with daily production capacity of 4 tones.
• Chocolates, with hourly production capacity of 0,4 tomes per hour and ability to produce a wide range of different chocolate articles.

The company employs more than 350 people.

TOTTIS PACK is the newest productive unit of the Group. It was founded in July 2001 and deals with the cartons from cardboard for industrial and agricultural products (corrugated board containers).

The privately-owned factory of TOTTIS PACK is located in the industrial region of Florina. The ultramodern unit, capacity of 50.000 tons is annually accommodated in a privately-owned building 22.000 sqm.

The mechanical equipment are up to date. The control department is equipped with all new modern machines that guarantee a detail control, of the raw materials but also control all the production stages. The objective of this new company for the next five-year period, is conquer an important share of the market so that it belongs with the bigger companies of this branch.

Products :


Viennese wafers


traditional greek cakes

cake bars

Bread chips

Extruded snacks




Hazelnut praline



BINGO S.A. " Bringing good taste to the world "
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