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Where knowledge meets perfection

bdg Consultants and Contractors is an architectural and construction firm, based in Kefalonia and Athens, which has over 25 years experience in building houses, retail stores, offices and hotels on the island of Kefalonia and also in Athens. Client consultations cover not only designing and building but also provide strategies around managing and developing your estate, covering all aspects of property investment.

bdg Real Estate is the new addition to the company which was founded by its head architect Mr. Stelios Zapantis. Mr. Zapantis, born and raised in Athens Greece, studied architecture in Italy and began his carrier, next to a well-known architect, by taking part in the study done for the building of the hotel Intercontinental in Athens and other hotels on the Island of Rhodes. After acquiring experience, he founded bdg Consultants and Contractors and undertook his own developments on the Island of Kefalonia, in Athens and other areas of Greece. Today his firm is the largest and most trusted in Kefalonia.

At bdg, we believe in working hard to provide the first class service expected and deserved by our clients. Our agents will assist you with investment and management consultations providing solutions with funding and development strategies.

Besides helping you find the property that s ideal for you, we will guide you step-by-step through the purchasing process and provide you with:

* Financial Services
* Legal Services
* Design & Construction Services
* Long & Short Term Rentals (for those of you interested in an income)
* Property Maintenance
* Insurance
* Etc

Our continuous research into current market trends gives us the ability to provide our clients with up to date, detailed and reliable proposals for a sound investment in real estate.

With our Kefalonian background and extensive knowledge in Kefalonian real estate we are confident that we can provide our clients with the best up to date information in current and local real estate trends.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you with all your real estate needs and guide you step by step through the purchasing process.

Some of our numerous services are:

Assisting you in selecting a ideal property which will suit your needs
Coordinating lawyers and public notaries
Building your home
Translations (which our qualified staff does in-house)
Financing / Mortgages
Insurance Coverage
Property Management
After Sales Services
Government Subsidies
Quality Certifications for Businesses (HACCP, ISO9001, CE, etc.)


When deciding to build you will need the assistance of a lawyer, surveyor, architect, and any other professionals, whom we will assist you in finding and arrange appointments with.

When we have negotiated a purchase price for the property, the usual procedure is as follows:

A pre-contract is prepared and signed by both parties. This commits both buyer and seller to a price and a date for the signing of the final contracts. During the period between signing the pre-contract and final contract, the purchaser s lawyer will check that clear title exists for the property, and that there are no outstanding debts (for example mortgages, taxes, etc.). Where additional consents are required (for example, from the Forestry Commission) these will also be obtained during this period.

Before signing the Final Contract, a tax is paid at the tax office. This is transfer tax payable to the Government. The amount of this tax is calculated on the value of the property as assessed by the Tax Office, which is usually lower than the actual purchase price. Either the buyers lawyer, the public notary or our office effects this payment. It is therefore necessary to have funds easily available to make this payment at least a week before the date that the final contract is signed.

Signature of the Final Contract takes place in the office of the public notary.

Planning Regulations

The planning regulations on Kefalonia are complicated and, at the moment subject, to a number of changes.

In all cases, a building permit must be obtained and this service is normally carried out by a state registered engineer who will complete the plans of the proposed house and submit these, together with the other information required, to the building permit office for approval. The engineer will also make application on his client s behalf for connection to the electricity and water supplies. Outside the town most sewage is dealt with by septic tanks.

Once the building permit is obtained, the normal practice is for the client to enter into a fixed price building contract with the engineer to build the house.

The process of obtaining the building permit normally takes between 6 and 10 weeks and, depending on the site, the building process itself will then take a further 6 to 8 months.

The great advantages of building your own house on Kefalonia are firstly, that you get a house specifically built to your own design and suitable to your use, family etc., and secondly that you make a considerable saving in stamp duty and other fees, in that fees are only payable in respect of the initial purchase of the land and not the building itself.

Building Permit Guidelines

The following are offered as a general guide, but it is always best to take professional advice from us on individual building plots to ensure maximum build size.

Planning Permission for New Construction

Inside village and town boundaries, planning permission can be granted for any plot, although some laws are specific to a certain area. Planning permission may be granted for building on land of 2.000 m2 or less if the plot is situated within the town-planning zone, or fronts a municipal road. For plots outside of the zone, planning permission can be granted if the land is a minimum of 4.000 m2 and there are no forestry or archaeological restrictions.

Outside Village Boundaries

Usually 4.000 m2 is required for planning permission outside of village boundaries. The total size that you are allowed to build is set by individual planning authorities and follows a sliding scale. For instance, on the minimum plot size of 4.000 m2 you would be allowed to build approximately 200 m2, plus basement if required, and this increases pro rata with the size of the plot. However, variations may sometimes be allowed, and this will be dependant on local rules and negotiation. Generally a building has to be 15 metres away from the plot boundaries unless it fronts a municipal road. The exception to the 4.000 m2 rule is if a plot of land fronts a municipal road. If this is the case, then only 2.000 m2 is required to satisfy the planning regulations. These regulations are in place to stop the concrete box mentality we have seen in some parts of the Mediterranean. On a 4.000 m2 plot there is always the option of building 2 villas, provided the total size falls within the permitted area (you could then sell or rent out the second villa).

Inside Village Boundaries

If a new dwelling is being built the plot must be at least 500 m2. The total build area is normally around 70-80% of the plot size on 2 floors and is usually up to a maximum of around 400 m2. This generally has to be 2.5 metres from plot boundaries. However this can be expanded depending upon negotiation and history of the plot.

Building Commercial Property

If the land is being developed commercially i.e for hotel/apartments. Then allowed building is approximately 70% of plot size on 2 levels even where the property lies outside of the village or town limits.


Planning permission is not required if the property is basically habitable, unless you are intending to make significant extensions. Generally speaking, the size may not be increased beyond 70-80% of the plot size, usually to a maximum of 400 m2. Renovating an old stone house or ruin can be less expensive than building a new property. In terms of cost, you should generally budget to spend as much on the renovation as you paid for the original property. Renovation is not difficult, but keep in mind that the finished property must fall within the earthquake protection regulations, just as with a new property

Obtaining a mortgage in a foreign country usually causes second thoughts to purchasers. At bdg, acquiring a mortgage isn t a daunting task. We believe that knowledge is power and we want all our clients empowered to make good real estate decisions. Thats why we give you an easy way to learn about the real estate financing process and your options.
bdg has established solid relationships with the largest banks on the island and therefore offers you the best solution to suit your needs.

We offer:

* The most competitive interest rates in Greece
* A variety of mortgage programmes. You can choose from a range of fixed rate or variable rate programmes.
* A range of flexible characteristics to adjust your monthly payment (e.g. underpayment, overpayment, payment holiday)
* Experienced staff that will manage your loan process until funding

With bdg, the whole procedure does not require your physical presence in Greece. The only thing that you have to do is appoint an attorney at law that will represent you for the procedure of the purchase in Greece and that will also represent you for the whole procedure of the Mortgage Loan.
Determine what you can afford
Each buyer is unique - and well help you find out just what you can afford. Your income and your debts will typically play the biggest roles in determining your price range.
Tax Benefits
You may be able to deduct the interest you pay on the mortgage loan and some of the financing costs of the home, such as points. And your property taxes could be deductible. You should consult your tax advisor for more information.


After acquiring the property of your dreams, the next step is to make sure it is safe. Insuring your home and its contents, your automobile, your family, etc. is a very important step.
As a serious company we have developed a partnership with the largest and most reliable insurance company in Greece with a good financial stability.
Ethniki is the only Greek insurance company, amongst very few other entities, to have been established in the 19th century and persevering dynamically into the 21st century. During its 115 years of operation, the Company has been the undisputable market leader, pioneering the industry and instilling insurance consciousness in our market.
The Company is practicing in all lines of the insurance business offering its clients a wide range of integrated insurance solutions in to meet the more complex needs and expectations of todays market demand.
Its long-standing know-how, expertise of its personnel, prompt and customized service, the reliability and quality of its products and the security provided to its clients have brought Ethniki to the peak of the insurance market and consumer preferences.

Ethniki Insurance Company is a subsidiary company of the National Bank of is a subsidiary company of the National Bank of Greece.

The insurance schemes available from Ethniki Insurance Company are the following:

Group insurance

We can inform you about coverage, cost and assist you in completing the application form.

Maintenance Services

Following is a list of some of the services we provide while you are away or have rented out your property. Rates vary depending on the size of the property, the land, etc.

* If your property is being let, we will visit the property after each letting, giving it a full clean (including outside areas and pool if applicable), change linens and place a welcome pack. Welcome packs include the basics such as milk, coffee, tea, sugar, wine, bread, cereal, etc.
* Visiting your property regularly. We will make sure that your property is clean and tidy, testing appliances to make sure all are in working order - gas, electricity, light bulbs, and security systems if applicable. The property will be aired and plants watered. The property will be checked for water leaks and that all windows and doors are secure. Toilets will be flushed and taps will be turned on to ensure water is running correctly and to flush out any debris from tanks.
* Watering of plants both inside and outside. Ensuring the terrace is kept tidy and cleaning the pool (if applicable).
* Collection of post from your post box to be left either in your property or to be sent to your home address.
* Spring cleaning of the property at the beginning of the rental season, normally undertaken in May. This service will involve a comprehensive cleaning of the whole property, including checking electrical goods and lights. Lights and windows will be cleaned, and the outside of the property - terraces, patios ect. will be hosed down.
* Keeping your key in our strong box and providing access to the property to your guests or suppliers, with your authorization, if requested by you (call outs will be charged for).
* Ensuring your tenants, should you choose to rent out the property, are making good use of your property.
Call out services – can be used to liaise with deliveries or tradesmen, access to property for maintenance and repairs, or in an emergency.
Management will be contracted for a period of 6 months or 12 months and can be paid annually or biannually.
Log books are held for each property, and we will submit regular reports via email or post to our clients. Any damage will be recorded on digital camera, whereby images can be posted or emailed to the owner.



BDG real estate Where knowledge meets perfection
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