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Athenian Brewery S.A. is the largest brewer in Greece, producing and trading beer, since 1963. It was established by a group of Greek entrepreneurs who set up and operated the first industrial unit in Athens in collaboration with Amstel Brouwerij B.V, back in 1965. That year, Athenian brewing operations commenced what is now the story of Athenian Brewery S.A., producing what has come to be the most popular and wanted beer in the country, Amstel. In 1968 it became the operating company of Heineken N.V. in Greece, following the merger between Heineken and Amstel in Holland. It remains so until today. A second plant was inaugurated in 1974 in Thessaloniki, to further expand the production. In 1976 Amstel achieved to become the top best selling beer in Greece, a position it still holds today.

In 1981 Athenian Brewery launched Heineken beer while a third industrial unit in Patra was built. In 1990, the production of the alcohol-free beer Buckler was launched; 1993 was an important year for Athenian Brewery since it launched the production of the Natural Mineral Water Ioli in its new plant located in Lamia, a region famous for its springs and water. At the same time, Athenian Brewery enriched its portfolio with major imported beers, such as: Erdinger, Murphy’s Irish Stout and Red, Duvel, Chimay, Kirin, McFarland, Carib and Desperados. In 1999, the company starts producing Fischer beer from Alsace, while in 2000 it launched the traditional, Greek beer ALFA. In 2001 Athenian Brewery becomes, through Heineken, one of the Grand National Sponsors of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Today, Athenian Brewery exports its products to 30 countries throughout Europe, Africa and America.

Being conscious of responding to the market’s continuously increasing needs and rapid technological developments, the company sets its investment goals at 300 million Euros. For the past 10 years, it has been improving and renewing its equipment; and as a result, its industrial units are the most modern and productive in Europe. For example, the plant in Patra is one of the most updated breweries in South Europe, whereas the unit in Athens produces 75.000 cartons or 1.500.000 bottles per day.

Within the framework of Athenian Brewery’s expansion in South East Europe, the company has formed a strategic alliance with Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (3E), in the acquisition of Zagorka and Pivara breweries in Bulgaria and Skopje respectively.

Apart from the locally produced and distributed brands; Heineken, Amstel, Alfa, Buckler, Fischer, Fürstenbräu, Zorbas and IOLI Natural Mineral Water, the company’s product portfolio also includes the following imported brands; Amstel Bock, Amstel Light, Carib, Chimay, Desperados, Duvel, Erdinger, König Pilsener, McFarland, Murphy’s Irish Stout and Murphy’s Irish Red and Kirin.

Our Brands

* Amstel
* Heineken
* Alfa Hellenic
* Fischer
* Fürstenbräu
* Ioli
* Ioli Fizzy
* Marathon

Strategy and values

Our company has shaped its vision and values with a primary focus and respect on its workforce. Our vision and strategy rests on 3 distinct directions:

* Active Leadership in the Market
* Business Excellence
* Building an Inspiring Culture

In the last 40 years development and progress has been our first priority. In this quest, at Athenian Brewery SA we share 7 Values:

1. Ethos
2. Fair Play
3. Respect
4. Quality
5. Creativity
6. Optimism
7. Teamwork

Expand Internationally

Parallel to our corporate agenda, one of the primary objectives is to actively expand into international markets, by seeking to develop and form healthy business relationships and alliances with brewers, country distributors, retailers.

Corporate responsibility

Being a business leader means not only advancing in terms of products and services, but also realizing a social role. Athenian Brewery S.A. embraces this notion, by demonstrating great interest in the preservation of natural resources and all kinds of waste materials with the operation of modern biological purification units. Furthermore, we take up our role as a corporate citizen by having an on-going participation in a number of projects through sponsorships and other programs relating to the local community.

We believe that one cannot claim offering top quality products and services without being able to certify it. Amongst our biggest achievements are the quality certificates, bestowed by distinguished organizations, for the malting, production, marketing, sales and distribution of beer, as well as bottling, packaging, marketing, sales and distribution of natural mineral water.

 The company’s most precious and important asset for its successful course throughout the years has ultimately been its employees. They are the people who demonstrate inexhaustible creativity and enthusiasm. They work as a team and help the company stand up to its commitment for delivering top quality products and services. Therefore, it is our highest priority to invest in them and actively engage them in corporate developments. Our focus is to offer a constant motive for both personal and collective improvement through training and development, as well as through a frequent corporate communications program. Our driving force? Pride. As a result and a prerequisite of who we are and what we serve.

 The company owns and maintains brewing plants in Athens, Patras, Salonica and a bottling plant for Natural Mineral Water in Lamia. It also maintains a branch in the biggest island of Greece, Crete.

Enjoy Responsibly

We want to do everything we can to prevent the abuse and misuse of our products. That’s why we stress the need to ‘Enjoy Responsibly’.

This section of our website will help you understand what ‘Enjoying Responsibly’ really means. It also explains what alcohol is, and what effects it can have on your body (including your brain) if you drink too much. It also explains what ‘too much’ actually means, and how to tell when you’re in danger of drinking to excess. Bear in mind that alcohol beverages are only for consumers above the legal drinking age.

You’ll find practical advice about how to ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ and useful links to other relevant websites.

The subject is a serious and an important one – but we hope you enjoy learning about it and that the information provided helps you consume alcohol products responsibly.

Some good advice

* Alcohol beverages are only for adults of legal drinking age.
* If you choose to drink alcohol beverages, do so sensibly, and in moderation.
* Limit intake to three unit drinks per day for men or two per day for women, and it is best to consume with food to slow alcohol absorption.
* A “unit“ drink for purposes of this section consists of a 25cl glass of beer, a small 10cl glass of wine or a 3.5cl shot of distilled spirits such as whiskey, vodka, gin, etcetera.
* Avoid drinking before or when driving, or whenever it puts you or others at risk.
* Don’t drink if you are pregnant.
* If you can not control the amount you drink to moderate levels, you should not drink and should seek medical advice.



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