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Area: Attica, Attica, Athens
The largest collection of seasonal chocolate products and assorted small chocolates in Greece!

ASTIR was established as a small handicraft facility in 1933.

In 1954, Constantinos and Louis Constantinidis, sons of the founder Andreas Constantinidis, began the construction of new installations on Tsakalof st. Tavros in Athens, where the factory is still sheltered today.

In 1956 the company moved to the new installations and the new era of ASTIR began.

In 1993 the third generation of owners, Anastasios Constantinidis and Panagiotis Aslanidis continued the growth of the factory's premises and doubled its surface by connecting the old building with a neighboring building. The new installations provided sufficient in-house storage facilities and more room for production growth was now available.

In 2003 ASTIR's legal form changed from private to public.

The company is still family owned but thinks, grows and evolves as a multinational firm.


ASTIR began as a small handicraft that produced plain milk and dark small chocolates and products for confectionary use (couvertures, vermicelli, etc.). The chocolate �Flowers� and the real chocolate Vermicelli were the products that built the high quality reputation the company has today while the seasonal chocolate products that were added to ASTIR�s product line during the 70�s were the ones that established the company�s name in the Greek market. Today, ASTIR is the leader of the seasonal chocolate market in Greece with a market share of around 45%*.

ASTIR produces a wide range of assorted small chocolates and pralines in several flavors and shapes. They come packed in different styles of gift boxes, small boxes and bags or bulk to be sold by weight. ASTIR�s adaptable production has made the company very flexible and capable of adjusting its products according to each customer�s needs (especially for foreign markets).

ASTIR's innovative nature and creativity is demonstrated by the big number of novelties introduced each year in the seasonal chocolate sector as well as in the assorted small chocolate sector. It is noteworthy that ASTIR was the first company to introduce seasonal chocolate products in Greece.

Production and quality control
ASTIR chocolate manufacturing plant is a modern unit that combines technologically advanced machinery with traditional recipes and classic production procedures. Classic products are being produced with the same method they were produced when they were first introduced in the Greek market some decades ago. But on the same plant new modern and original products and production procedures are being developed.

Two major practices are employed to assure the high quality of ASTIR�s products.

An 8 stage quality control process which includes weight and taste control, foreign object and metal detection and wrapping, packing and labeling control is applied on all products.

A careful selection of raw materials (and suppliers). For example ASTIR uses only GMO free Soya Lecithin and all the different types of milk that are being used are from large European factories with valid quality certificates (free of mad cow disease or any other syndrome).

Finally, it is important to state that ASTIR produces chocolate from the beginning, from the processing of cocoa beans and not from outsourced cocoamass. This way ASTIR has complete control over the quality of the chocolate produced and can assure the standard and high quality of all its products.


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