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In 1958 a group of producers from the area of Kozanis’ Velventos establishes ASEPOP VELVENTOS for the purpose of improving the cultivation and marketing of the agricultural products of the Velventos area

Over the years, peaches have become the main product of the area.
After half a century of steady rise ASEPOP VELVENTOS counts approximately 400 active members and constitutes a healthy Co-operative that has managed to become known beyond the Greek borders thanks to its excellent quality products and the modern agricultural methods it applies.


the co-op

ASEPOP VELVENTOS constitutes one of the most important driving forces for the economic development of the area, not only because it safeguards the income of hundreds of producers, but also because it offers jobs to tens of people especially during the summer period. ASEPOP VELVENTOS employs 15 permanent staff and during the summer peak period employs up to a further 80 seasonal staff. All administrative tasks of the Co-op function and are controlled through a fully computerised organisational system that is continuously upgraded to cover the ever increasing needs of the Co-op with respect to new products as well as such new products categorisation. Seasonal staff work as quality inspectors, ramp workers and fork-lift truck drivers.
Today the producers of ASEPOP VELVENTOS cultivate approximately 6,500,000 m2.

The agricultural interests belong to individual families, which results in all cultivating care that concerns peaches to being applied with the greatest of attention.
ASEPOP VELVENTOS employs two permanent agriculturalists and, in parallel, consults an external collaborating agriculturalist, all of whom offer advice on more productive and safe cultivation methods.
ASEPOP VELVENTOS supplies all the big supermarket chains (VEROPOULOS, VASSILOPOULOS, METRO, MASSOUTIS, SCLAVENITIS, CHALKIADAKIS, INKA CHANION). Its products can be found all over Greece while it achieves substantial exports in countries of Central and Eastern Europe with the main market that of Russia. The total volume of exports is over 3,250,000 kg. The percentage rate of exports touches 40% of total sales.


The Co-op covers an area of 30,000 m2 which houses the offices, the receiving and loading goods area, the picking area, the freezing compartments, the agricultural drugs stores and various other storage areas. The 11 freezing compartments, recently refurbished, have a capacity of 2,000,000 kg and can be operated in a controlled environment mode.

The Co-op has 4 electric and 2 diesel fork-lift trucks.
Furthermore. ASEPOP VELVENTOS has a women’s co-op that produces marmalades and preserves, an agricultural drugs shop, a super market, and a branch in the Central Agricultural Market of Athens.
ASEPOP VELVENTOS renews and upgrades its equipment every year according to the requirements of the fresh fruit market, a process which is performed on the basis of new developments in the area of fruit and vegetable cultivation, with the addition of new, higher efficiency plant but, also, with the adoption of new agricultural applications that safeguard the quality of the product.


During the last years ASEPOP implements a total quality production system and is certified according to ISO, HACCP, GLOBALGAP and EUREPGAP.
Since 2002 ASEPOP VELVENTOS has implemented a total quality product management system according to AGRO 2.1 2.2. The importance of this system to the producer as well as the consumer is critical since it safeguards the excellent quality of the product, something that is a major concern for the Co-op.

All the producers seek the advice of the geotechnical department before applying any cultivating care. Every year new cultivating methods that have previously been successfully tried in other areas are experimentally implemented.
All the producers are obliged to record all cultivating cares that they apply to their farms for the purpose of having a safe and quality product.


The Co-op’s main product are the famous Velventos peaches. The last few years the Co-op is collaborating with ASEPOP TYRNAVOU and is handling a quantity of the latter’s peaches, nectarines and pears. In addition, the
Co-op collaborates with producers from the Pyrgous area of Kozani who entrust their total produce, about 500,000 kg, to ASEPOP VELVENTOS. Another corner stone in the history of the Co-op is the collaboration with producers from the Skala area of Lakonia who cultivate hyper precocious peaches and who shall also trade them through ASEPOP VELVENTOS.

From this year the area of Argyropoulio has followed the example of ASEPOP TYRNAVOU by bringing its produce to ASEPOP VELVENTOS. Thus, the total volume of sales reaches 12,000,000 kg approximately.
All Co-ops products are moved by refrigerating trucks. Each truck is loaded only after ensuring that the products and the truck have the appropriate temperatures.
ASEPOP VELVENTOS besides peaches, nectarines and apples, which constitute the main volume of its products, trades also in plums, cherries, nasy, quinces, apricots and various vegetables, with the tomato as the main product, and a total produce of approximately 450,000 kg.

Velventos peaches

The Velventos peach is one of the most select fruits having a good appearance and a pleasant taste and is considered the best and most famous in Europe.

Peaches are rich in vitamins A, B, C and potassium, and necessary for a healthy and strong constitution. What also marks the Co-op’s peaches out is the fact that they are harvested at the right time and are packaged in the farm immediately after being cut. Thus they are not knocked about nor harried in any way during transportation.

Velventos nectarines

Velventos is an ideal area for nectarines since the prevailing excellent environmental and soil conditions give the nectarines a rich aroma, unique taste and wonderful colour.

They are certified by Agrocert and are cultivated with knowledge and care by the producers. They are also packaged in the farm to maintain their perfect appearance without being knocked about and harried in any way.


The famous apples of Vermio are stored in the ultra modern compartments and are always delivered in excellent condition keeping their freshness, aroma and taste that mark them out from the rest.

Goden apples

From the best known varieties, they have a fleshy body and rich taste but also a unique aroma.

They are rich in vitamins, dietary fibres, traces of metallic elements, and help in the good function of the peptic system. Ideal in being enjoyed as a dessert but also for all kinds of confectionary treats and in the kitchen (apple pies, strudels etc).

Tyrnavou crystallia

ASEPOP VELVENTOS markets one of the best pear varieties, the Tyrnavou crystallia. Juicy, with a crispy texture and unique taste, they have won the consumers’ preference. Each pear weighs between 100-130 gr. Their colour is yellow-green and their flesh white.
They are picked before they are properly ripe but at such a stage so as their consequent full ripening does not spoil their taste and colour.


A famous pear variety with a middle size fruit 60-90 gr. They are of light green colour externally with wonderful flavour and taste.

They are picked before they are properly ripe but at such a stage so as their consequent full ripening does not spoil their taste and colour. Ideal for confectionary making but also when consumed fresh.


Excellent quality plums with smooth skin, firm flesh and rich and juicy taste. Rich in vitamins C and A, calcium, cellulose and magnesium, they contribute to the good function of the peptic system.

They are ideal in being consumed fresh or dried while they offer uncountable uses in cooking and confectionary making.

garden and vegetable produce

The ideal climate of the area, the abundance in waters and fertile lands offer a variety of garden and vegetable produce,

tomatoes, lettuce etc, full of the authentic tastes we learned

from our childhood years and trust to the total care in production that guarantees us a tasteful and especially healthy “green” table.

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