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knowhow and ability

Our experience , knowhow and ability to earn our customers’ trust, made us the leading real estate office in Paros, since 2005. These characteristics are based on our company ‘s profile, our broker – owner‘s background and our agent ‘s skills.

ALL STAR lists, advertises, promotes and sells properties (Home, Villas, Land, Hotels) on the islands of Paros, Antiparos and Naxos. Our office is based on Paros since January 2005, cooperating with RE/MAX, the world‘s real estate leader.
Since October 2011 ALL STAR became independent from RE/MAX. Today, ALL STAR leads the local real estate market (Paros - Antiparos). We represent a variety of properties for sale and we have handled over 4.000 potential buyers in the past years since 2005.

Who we are

ALL STAR ’s owner is mr. Dimitris Mexis.
Mr. Mexis studied economics (B.S.) at the University of Athens and got his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at Northeastern University, Boston, Mass, USA. For 23 years (until 2004) he worked as manager or executive in various multinational or large leading Greek companies, in the United States and Greece.
1.JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Various Marketing and sales positions in USA and Greece.
2.FRIESLAND HELLAS: National Sales Manager. (Dairy Business)
3.ATHENIAN BREWARY: Commercial Director (Beer Industry owed by Heineken)
4.PEPSICO: Deputy General Manager and Vice President (Soft drinks Business)
5.DELTA: Deputy General Manager (Dairy business)
6.GR. SARANTIS: Managing Director (Cosmetics, Toiletries, Household Items)
7.ELBISCO: Managing Director

Since 2005, mr. Mexis changes his life style, walking away from the corporate world and executive life, and moving with his family to Paros. He starts, among other things, a real estate company, associating with RE/MAX, the world ‘s real estate leader. Effective October 2011, he becomes independed from RE/MAX, but still reaming very active in real estate through his company, ALL STAR, utilizing his experience as well as the leading position of his company in the local market.
Last but not least, our company ‘s agents all have university / college degrees, speak Greek, English and French, have very successful working and professional resumes, obtained top level training and gained precious and in depth real estate experience.


Our philosophy
Property is the most expensive product in market. For the average buyer/salesman, this transaction might be the most important one, ever made, and the result of a life time effort.

ALL STAR philosophy is to meet with consistency and completeness the buyers/salesmans need, no matter how small or big, and to offer high quality real estate services, that are evolving, being expanded and are getting enriched continuously.

The humanist character of ALL STAR is being expressed in every section operated by the company but mostly through the personal service, which is exemplary in every aspect that deals with real estate.
Our services
  • Network information and immediate finding of buyers and sellers
  • Specialised and effective service of the exclusive agent in properties sales
  • Local and global research in the real estate market
  • Properties evaluation
  • Methods and techniques in order to protect our clients in real estate transactions
  • Advice on real estate investments
  • Advice on properties administration
  • Floating of house-mortgages

ALL STAR Real Estate knowhow and ability
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